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What Things You Must Know In Web Development

Jan 19, 2017     Manish Bharadwaj

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Today, websites have become the key source of accessing information online. We turn to the internet for enrichment and entertainment purposes. With more and more people going online, companies and organizations can't sit idle and see the opportunity pass by them. But, they too need to make their online presence felt and they are helped along by websites in this endeavor. We must understand the difference between web design and web development because only this can help them hire a right Website Development Company Delhi for your needs.

The design part of any website is the front-end or user-facing end of the website. Besides, it's about the look-and-feel of the website since visual appeal has a role to play in catching the attention of users. Web designing service providers are hired to extend the usability aspect of the website together with adding user-friendly features into it. Additionally, they make sure that the navigation is simple, the site is intuitive as well as easy to access.

On the other hand, web development is about the technical aspect of the website because it is made up of two elements-

1) Front-end Development 

2) Back-end Development.

Front-end developers work with the visual design of the Website and then build it in code. Also, they use HTML to structure the website and utilize CSS to conform to visual styles and layouts. The back end that decides how customers will leverage functionality as well as perform the needed task at the site.

Therefore, you'll require a reliable Ecommerce Web Development Company in India or a developer familiar with one of these two components of development in order that your development goals are with ease. Apart from this, the skills needed for one element of the development can't be entirely different to what are needed with the other because chances are, both overlap at most occasions than imagined. However, both the aspects serve different purposes and the mastery in one can't mean in the other, keep this in mind.

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