3 Vital Components To Build Conversion And SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Feb 21, 2018     Satish Chandra

Remember attracting more and more potential customers is not the only purpose of an eCommerce site. But, your site must have the ability to convert these visitors to customers that buy your products and services again and again. Conversions of your eCommerce site depend on the online shopping experiences that the website provides. And these experiences can be created with the best design and development of your eCommerce site.

Why SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

One of the most vital things that you can do for eCommerce success ensures your site is search engine optimized. SEO is the most beneficial tool used in the fast process of e-commerce as well as helps to increase the traffic on your site and makes the website visible  at the top of the search engine.

It can be very difficult for new clients to find a website that is not optimized. And SEO is what allows your site appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. The 10 websites on the first page of any search engine get 94% of the hits, but number 1 get 35% more hits than others. If an online buyer isn't clicking on your site, then chances are that he or she is clicking on your competitor's site.

Always Keep Your Audience In Mind

Must research your target audience before you hire an eCommerce web development company to build your eCommerce site. It is extremely important to understand your target people and make sure you include all the key features on your site. Also, research well about what your target audience wants and what they expect from your site and ensure that you include all the features from a buyer’s point of view. It will increase your website conversion rate as well. You can also boost online advertising as well as can build interlinked relationships with articles and blogs in order to add to the positive effect of conversion optimization.

Keep in mind that site speed affects visitors, their experience, ranking, duration of time spent on your site.  So, make sure your site accessed by visitors quickly and easily. You can increase speed of your website by avoiding irrelevant links, plenty of images and etc.

Search Box

The search box is one of the most key functions for every eCommerce site because it lets buyers save time and find the product they are looking for quickly, skipping over the products and pages that don't interest them. Ensure that the product descriptions are accurate. Apart from this, a search box must be placed prominently to maximize its benefits to your site usability and navigation as well.

Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA is what motivates a site visitors to take action whether the visitor is signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase or visiting a special collection. So, ensure that your website has a clear and right Call to Action. The right CTA will surely boost conversions and ultimately your sales. Apart from this it also keeps your web visitors returning to your website over and over.

Showing the user the value of clicking is a major element of an effective Call to Action. So, explain to users why they must click. If you are collecting their email ID's, then you can market your products and services to them, and can also inform about discounts as well.

Apart from this these 3 Vital Components to Build Conversion and SEO Friendly eCommerce Website, ensure that your eCommerce websites feature simple messaging, a shopping cart, strong website security and a viable payment gateway.

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Ramy Sheta | 2018-03-08 00:57:15

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Very helpful. I regularly follow you. Let me tell you your blogs are really knowledgeable & Easy to understand.

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