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6 Best Backlink Checker Tools (Paid or Free)

Apr 25, 2024   Satish Chandra   SEO

6 Best Backlink Checker Tools (Paid or Free)

As with the changing algorithms of search engines, the practice of SEO has been continuously evolving with time. However, backlinking is one thing that has remained the same for years. The more high-quality backlinks you have on your website, the better its chances of ranking well in search engine results pages.

In this blog, let’s explore the six best backlink checker tools for analyzing the backlinks of your website and also from other sites. That will help you effectively optimize, and improve your backlinking. So let’s get started!

Why Use Backlink Checker Tools?

Backlink checker tools are online tools for checking or viewing a website's backlink profile. You can use these online resources to determine the quality of backlinks attached to your website. For example, you can get information on the number of backlinks, their source domains, and other relevant metrics. It helps you to use positive links from your competitors' platforms and enhance the quality of your website for better SEO.

Backlink checker tools give you a competitive advantage and simplify your backlinking tasks. These tools are essential for gaining valuable insights from your competitors. You can identify the quality of links and create differences between positive and negative backlinks using these tools.

Take a look at these points to understand the reasons to use backlink checker tools:

Insightful Analysis

A backlink checker tool empowers you to conduct an in-depth analysis of backlinks. You can check their quality and know about their credibility. Sometimes, a traditional method of backlinking can generate trust and security issues, but these tools resolve such problems by allowing you to gain thorough insight into your profile.

Identification Of Positive And Negative Backlinks

The best SEO company uses top backlinks tools to identify positive and negative backlinks from websites. It gives them advantages to know whether the links pointing to any site are reliable or not. And they can make better decisions to avoid low backlinks.

Competitor Analysis

One of the key benefits of a backlink tool is that you can keep an eye on your competitors. You can explore their backlink profiles of them and refine your profile based on their strategies. The advantage of backlink tools helps users remove low-quality or harmful links but integrate high-quality links on their website for better visibility and performance.

Monitoring Link-Building Campaigns

By continuously using backlink tools, you become proficient and effectively enhance your backlinking efforts. These online tools enable you to monitor your link building campaigns and make necessary changes using its advanced functionalities.

6 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink checker tools come in both free and paid versions. We have done extensive research and used dozens of tools. Below are the top 6 best backlink checker tools that will provide you with the best performance, as we have selected these tools after careful analysis:



Semrush is a comprehensive backlink checker tool that improves the online visibility of your website. It aids users by allowing them to optimize backlinks with a variety of features. You can easily facilitate your backlinking tasks and explore the backlinks of your competitors seamlessly with this platform. It is a one-stop solution to get robust support in SEO, SMM, keyword research, competitive research, and more.

Key features:

Competitive Analysis

It allows users to conduct a thorough analysis of the backlink profile of any website. You can explore the number of backlinks, work on anchor text distribution, refer domains, and more.

Quality Assessment

Semrush analyzes the quality of your website's backlinks based on many factors. It identifies authority and relevance of backlinks and ultimately improves your capability to select high-quality links.

Disavow Tool Integration

Semrush helps you to integrate effectively with Google’s Disavow tool. That is the plus point for you because it will assist you in choosing safe sources for better SEO performance.

Actionable Insight

Semrush suggests a profound recommendation based on your backlink profile. It creates potential link-building opportunities or identifies harmful links that you should remove from your backlinks.


  • Semrush comes with three subscription options: Pro, Guru, and Business.
  • A free version is available.



Moz provides holistic support in optimizing and monitoring backlink profiles. This SEO tool assists users with page authority, domain authority, checking spam scores, gaining insights on anchor text, and so on. You can use this tool to gain an in-depth understanding of the backlink profiles of any website.

Key features:

Comprehensive Backlink Analysis

Moz provides insight into different elements of your backlink profile. It shows you a detailed analysis of page authority, domain authority, anchor text, etc.

Unique External Linking Domains

The tool shows many unique domains to help users access high-quality links for better backlinking.

Spam Score

Users can check the profile's potential spam score and avoid using harmful or low-quality links. This advantage of the Moz tool helps users enhance their SEO performance and bring positive results to search engines.


  • It does not come with a free version.
  • Its pro version starts at $99 per month.



Ahrefs is an effective backlink checking tool for all your backlinking tasks. It comes with an extensive database that allows users to effortlessly link data and continuously update link indexes. It is the top choice for most SEO professionals for better SEO performance.

Key Features:

In-Depth Analysis of Backlinks

Ahrefs offers a wider analysis of backlink profiles. It assists in domain authority, empowers checking positive and negative links, taking insights on text, etc. All these features demonstrate the effectiveness of a backlink profile for better results.

Powerful Filtering And Sorting

The tool comes with a powerful filtering and sorting option. That provides a robust option to choose high-quality links and remove low-quality links effectively. This is a good SEO advantage to enhance the quality of backlinking.

Backlink Monitoring And Analysis

The tool tracks changes and gives alerts for timely updates. Users can identify the potential issues and explore opportunities to improve the quality of their backlinking.


  • It comes with a limited free version.
  • Its pro version starts at $79 per month.

LinkChecker PRO

LinkChecker PRO

LinkChecker PRO is one of the best backlinks checker tool used by digital marketers. It provides comprehensive monitoring and optimization solutions. The primary feature that sets it apart from the rest is that users have to import backlinks manually. However, the tool features daily checks to ensure up-to-date data and also provides high-quality backlinks by determining many factors such as rel attributes, robot meta tags, canonical attributes, etc.

Key features:

Backlink Status Monitoring

LinkChecker Pro continuously monitors the status of backlinks. It shows users live updates on backlink profiles. You can check whether links are found, not found, or undefined. Apart from that, this tool also shares the status of search engines so that you can get an update on the Google indexing of your backlinks.

Attribute Analysis

The SEO tool takes an in-depth analysis of various attributes related to backlinks. It thoroughly evaluates rel attributes, robot meta tags, and canonical attributes. This analysis helps users check for potential issues with their links.

Batch Analysis

Users can perform batch analysis on thousands of URLs or domains in a single analysis. This feature helps users check potential link opportunities and prioritize high-quality links for their profiles.


  • You can get a free trial upon request.
  • Its paid version starts at $25 per month.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a professional tool that is mainly designed to analyze backlinks. It helps you gain a thorough understanding of backlink profiles. It provides detailed reports and accurate data for the visualization of your and others' sites.

Key features:

Profound Backlink Analysis

SE Ranking offers elaborated analytics on backlinks, referring domains, and anchor texts. You can get information on backlinks based on various metrics such as page trust, total number of referring domains and backlinks, distribution of dofollow/nofollow backlinks, etc.

Generous Limits And History Tracking

SE Ranking comes with generous limits for backlink analysis. Users can analyze up to 300 domains daily with reports including up to 100,000 backlinks. You can track website link history, and get auto-generated insights on acquiring and losing backlinks.

Additional Tools For Link Building

In order to enhance your link-building efforts, you can access additional tools such as the Backlink Monitoring Tool, the Backlink Gap Analyzer, etc.


  • It does not have a permanent free version.
  • Its paid version starts at $55 per month.



Majestic is a most powerful backlink checker tool that simplifies the overall health of your backlink profile. It gives you clear visual displays and unique metric scores to understand the quality of your backlinks to your website. However, it is not user-friendly for beginners but offers insights into backlink data.

Key features:

Unique Metric Score

Majestic provides a simplified assessment of backlink quality by going through metrics such as trust flow, citation flow, and topical trust flow. These metrics assist users in adding quality links to their backlink profile on their website.

Detailed Backlink Analysis

Users can gain a detailed structure for their backlink data. They can explore their external backlinks, referring domains, and IP addresses.

Topic Report

Majestic features come with a topic report. It gives insights to explore more about those links that are attacked on the main website.


  • It offers a free version.
  • Its paid version starts at $39.99 per month.

Last Words

No doubt, backlink checker tools play an irreplaceable role in backlinking. It boosts the quality and overall effectiveness of your backlink profile. You can choose any tools as per your requirements and needs. These tools are top options and come with their own advantages. These SEO tools provide robust support for optimizing, analyzing, discovering, and monetizing your backlink profiles effectively.

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