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An Introduction To Black Hat SEO

Jun 30, 2021   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

An Introduction To Black Hat SEO

If you are working in the online marketing field then I assume that you are familiar with the word “Black Hat”. If not then you will get things clear in the rest of the blog.

Black hat SEO is a practice that is used to increase traffic on a website or to get the top rankings on the search engine result page by disrespecting and violating the terms and conditions of the search engine services. This process is purely unethical and illegal actions from every point of view. These tactics are basically used by hackers, virus creators, and those who want to perform fraudulent actions.

In this blog, you will learn, what is Black hat SEO? And other information related to it like, how it affects the website. You will also learn about how you can report black hat SEO?

If you are an SEO then it is important to know about black SEO and its consequences clearly.


What is Black Hat SEO?

In SEO terms, black hat is defined as the set of illegal practices that are performed to increase a website or web page’s rank on the search engine result page. Strategizing and implementing black hat SEO tactics can result in a website banned from the search engine or engines. These strategies and tactics are illegal and against search engine terms and conditions policies.

We all know that appearing on the top of the search engine result page is crucial for businesses in order to reach great results. But there are certain ways that are not allowed to practice to get the raking and those set of tactics are black hat SEO. It means there are both wrong and right ways to optimize the website or a webpage.

Black hat SEO is clearly a wrong and illegal way as it violates the terms of service and also it is done by manipulating and confusing the search engine algorithms that are set by the search engines.

You may reach the top ranking of search engine results but this is for a short time, very soon you will get banned from the search engine. Once your presence and image is damaged, there is no way to get back again.


Risks Related To Black Hat SEO

There are lots of risks involved in practicing black hat SEO to get great results. A good SEO never goes that way to get a good ranking on SERP because he knew that doing this can destroy what he conquered through learning and practicing SEO.

But there are some SEO’s who practice these types of strategies to get a better ranking by cheating algorithms and search engines terms of services. They want to fast-track the process of getting organic success to get the ranking. No matter how faster and brighter results you will get through a set of black SEO practices but this will live for a short period.

You can go through Google webmaster guidelines that show clearly the basic principles of SEO that shows avoid tricks that intended to boost ranking on search engine.


Why should you avoid black hat SEO?

Now, we will discuss the scenarios if you will take the help of the black hat SEO to get your website or web page to rank better on the search engine result page.

The first thing that you should keep in your mind while going on the black hat route is that it may lead you to a situation where your website will get removed entirely from Google. Apart from this, if a website has been affected by any of the spam actions, it will not be shown in the Google search results or on any of Google’s platforms that are used to perform SEO.

Let’s see some points that demonstrate why you should not even think of opting for black hat SEO to get organic success faster.


1) It Can Broke Down Your Search Ranking And Visibility

It is one of the main reasons and basic thing that you have to understand that black hat SEO negatively impacts your search engine result ranking and visibility. It doesn’t stop there but it will also affect your traffic that you are assuming will increase because of black hat tactics.

We all know what that’s mean? It will then reduce your conversions as well as revenue.


2) Black Hat SEO Only Creates Short Time Results

As we discussed black hat SEO strategies take advantage of the loopholes present in the search engine guidelines or Google algorithms. The results you will get from practicing black hat SEO will when those loopholes will get fixed. Search engines always on the hunt to analyze and fix loopholes that are used and they will detect your strategies in no time. After that, everything will vanish.


3) Practicing Black Hat Creates Deceptive Experience For Others

Black hat tactics result in poor user experience that can make user agree to leave the website and because of practicing black hat tactics, it can make a website spammy and untrustworthy from the user point of view.

If you need the best results for a longer period and want to build trust & good relations with the users, work on ethical and legal SEO practices instead of going towards black hat SEO strategies.


Procedure to Report Black Hat SEO

With the help of Google webmaster tools, you can report a file against black hat SEO but use this tool wisely because the false report and this can be done when-

  • When your website attacked by the malicious hackers, viruses, or through spammy link.
  • When you find out spammy search engine results on a keyword your website is ranking.
  • When any other website falsely reported you.

File a complaint against these black hat SEO practices through Google webspam report or disavow backlinks with Google’s tool. This is to inform the search engine about the spammy site that is maliciously linking to your website or webpage.

If you are using Bing then you can report through Bing’s content removal feature and save your website.


Stick with White Hat SEO; Don’t Opt. For Black Hat for Fast Result

As I said above, black hat SEO looks like the quickest way by cheating the search engines and algorithms in order to reach a higher ranking and boost your traffic. But it is purely an unethical practice to reach success faster that can damage your visibility and brand credibility permanently. Always avoid black hat practices and at the same time, make sure your website hasn’t engaged in any black hat practice done by any other website owner.


Black Hat SEO Techniques

Avoid these black hat SEO techniques to avoid permanent visibility from search engine-


  • Publishing Low-Quality Content

Google always appreciates high quality content that satisfies queries raised by the users. High quality content needs time and technique is mandatory to create a good SEO content. There are many websites available on the search engine that publishes low quality or cheap content to beat the system.


  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when someone uses excessive keywords in content in order to get a higher ranking on search engines. If you want to know whether your content has more keywords than it should need, you can check keyword density percentage. If the keyword density percentage goes higher, it means the webpage has keyword stuffing and it needs to get fixed.


  • Cloaking

Cloaking is a black hat SEO practice and used to tick search engines. It is used when a black hat SEO user want to show one piece of content to the users and a different content to search engines.


  • Buy Backlinks

High-quality backlinks can help your website in ranking higher on search engine results. With black hat SEO tactics, marketers pay to the website to link with them rather than organically earning the best quality backlinks.


  • Link Farms & Private Blogs Network

One of the most common black hat SEO tactic that some marketer use is link farming to quickly and inorganically building of links.


  • Structure Data Manipulation

Structured data is used to inform Google about the WebPages on a website then those pages are used to create rich and quality results for the users. Black hat marketers manipulate Google by providing false structured data so that they can appear in the search results.


  • False Reporting of Competitor Website

Black hat marketers use negative SEO tactic that is done by falsely reporting the competitor’s website to make it look like the site is using black hat SEO. The main motive of doing this is to get competitor penalized by the Google.


Get SEO Experts To Secure Yourself From Black Hat SEO

Now when you get familiar with the black hat SEO tactics and practices, if you need experts to maintain your website's SEO and save it from other black hat marketers, contact SAM Web Studio a leading seo company in India. We provide professional SEO services in Delhi, India that will bring you higher traffic and provide a higher ranking to your website. Use our expert SEO audit to scan your website for black hat problems.

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