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Custom Design Vs Template Based Web Design: Which Is Best For Your Business

Apr 8, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in Delhi

The business houses/ businessmen always have one thing in mind that is how to transform their business into more profitable venture. They must accept one thing that the online presence is must for their business. A small website without any professional touch or engaging design cannot help in transforming your business into brand. You certainly need a web which has the potential to engage the visitor. The next challenging question is to decide whether to go for template based design or fully customized design? The answer for this question depends on lots of things.

Budget: The budget is the most critical factor to decide which design you should opt. If you are having low budget, then it is recommended that you should go for template based website. The ready to use templates are available and website based on these can be designed at very limited budget. But keep one thing in mind that you need to re-design the website into fully customize website in the later stages because of the fact that template based webs are temporary webs. They have limited design as well as functionality.

Transforming Your Business into Brand: If budget is not the issue and you want to make the brand name of your business, then Custom Web Design is best for you. Branding is must in order to win the trust of the buyers. So, in custom web design, you have a blank canvass and you can draw anything which supports your business. There is nothing like limitations and restrictions. In this, creativity gets the maximum support and you can easily have your dream website. No limitations related to architecture & layout what so ever.

User-Experience: Definitely, if you select custom web design then your users surely get the best experience. In this, you can easily optimize your websites on various parameters. Optimization is not always used with search engine optimization. It can be used with the loading speed, images & banner size, etc. All these are quite critical and help in providing amazing experience to users.

Time frame: If you have limited time frame, then you should go with template based website because custom web designing needs time.

It is recommended that you should always go for custom web designing if you don’t have limitations related to budget and time. In this, you will certainly get the best web which will take your business to next level. Moreover, you will also provide amazing experience to you users with this.

SAM Web Studio is leading Website Designing Company in Delhi. We are offering both template based as well as customized web design. You should contact us related to your requirements. We will provide you the web as per your budget. As trusted Ecommerce Website Designing Company Delhi, we are specialized in offering ecommerce web solutions.

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