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Low Sales? You are Making These 5 Common ECommerce Mistakes

Jan 20, 2018   Saurabh Yadav   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

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If you are reading this informative post, it means that you love your customers & clients already. Creating and maintaining an effective eCommerce store is a difficult job. When online users land at your online store, then they are looking to have a great time with a smooth experience. So, if you’d like to keep your buyers engaged and get them to click on that "Buy Now" button, then you need to pay more attention to your eCommerce web design and avoid making some common mistakes mentioned just below:
1.   No Value Proposition
Nothing more terrible than landing on a site and being totally flooded with information. Banners, Alerts,  Popups, etc, can convert you into a customer but rather making you feel like a victim in eCommerce crime. Your value proposition is basically you saying to your customers: “Here’s why you should purchase our products and services, online buyers don’t know exactly what they want, so you’re making that everyone is provided for and encouraged to buy simply by assuming that they know nothing about your product. Keep in mind that getting the right balance for your content is simple. But, keep it as minimal without missing any key elements.
2.   Lack Of  Product Details
One of the most common eCommerce design mistakes is not providing adequate information about their products such as features, size, functions, weight, color, instructions, specifications, warranty, etc. In a brick and mortar shop, people can have all their questions and queries answered by the store keeper or salesman. But,  that is not possible in case of an online store. So, try to provide as much information as you can about every product and help buyers to take the right decision at the end.
3.   Poor Product Images
Online shopping completely depends on images as buyers can see only pictures of your products rather than physically take them or feel them. So, professional and high-resolution photos with the option to view from different angles are a must as customers can’t physically pick up a product to check it. High-quality images will help build confidence among buyers and boost conversions as well.
4.   Confusing And Long Checkout Process
Remember, if your checkout process is long, confusing, then the whole shopping experience will end on a baffling note.  Apart from this, a confusing checkout causes a loss of potential sales and the longer it takes for a buyer to complete the order, the higher possibilities there are he or she will give up and leave midway. Therefore, the checkout process should be simple, short so that they’re able to wrap things quickly and effortlessly. Also, make some easy adjustments to your checkout page rather than bombarding your potential customer.
5.   Poor  Shopping Cart Design
When it comes to eCommerce web design, then one of the things that often get ignored is The shopping cart.  It has an imperative role to play in the general shopping experience. A great shopping cart should allow customers to add lots of items, review and revise the quantity of products and see the shipping charges as well. Make sure the car is simple and clear, additionally involve enough complexity to optimize the overall user experience. Do your homework before deciding on shopping cart software or hiring eCommerce Website Designing Company. But, key points to consider when choosing an ecommerce Web Design & Web development company are Expertise in Ecommerce, Look into Project Portfolio, Prices and Ask for Client Testimonials.
Businesses and organizations worldwide are making big losses every day, as frustrated and disappointed customers switch to competitor’s sites for the better shopping experience. Bear in mind that eCommerce sites that annoy buyers will not witness a big fall in traffic. A large number of people are on mobile devices, so makes it essential to optimize eCommerce sites for short-time browsing with easy navigation and quick loading times. Today, not only big but small companies are also investing the big amount to get a great business website. The role of a top website designing company is to support them by creating responsive sites following the latest trend.

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