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Spotlighting the Important Aspects of Homepage Design

Jan 25, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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The website designing has changed a lot over the last few years. Nowadays, it is not considered as the child’s play as every designer is striving hard to mark an indelible impression on the minds of the visitors. As per the philosophy, if you are having an interactive website, then the probability of conversions is more. The most important part of any website is its homepage. It is the main page of your website which gives complete information about the business your organization.

How to Design an Interactive Homepage?

There are certain things which you should keep in mind while designing a homepage.

Infographics: These days, the infographics are widely used to make the homepage more impressive. The infographics are basically the combination of images, banners and texts. Try to be innovative while designing the banners. They should be in line to your business. Put catchy phrases in the banners so that they should manifest your business objective.

Establish your identity: Your homepage design should perfectly manifest your business goal. Too many goals may spoil the appearance of the page. So, be precise with your objective. The visitors should get clear idea about your brand and your business. Proper linking should be provided so as to make the navigation easy and flexible for the visitors.

Keep it simple: Avoid unnecessary widgets, call to action, links, and other distractions. Too many links and distractions at times instigate the visitors to press back button. The text should be easy to read and links should be labelled clearly for swift navigation.

Keep it above the fold: Put the most important stories above the fold. This means that important things should be placed in the upper half of the web page so that the visitors’ eyes can easily catch them.

Choose the font wisely: The font family has direct influence on the readability of webpage. The font style, the size and the colour should be picked in order to provide amazing browsing experience to the users.

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