The main notion behind the design & development of www.droozo.com is to provide multiple health & fitness products under one roof to the online buyers. The client was of the opinion to create a unique platform from where the buyers can buy the preferred products from the wide range and that too from the comfort of their home. SAM Web Studio created the website which not only helps in showcasing the products of different brands but also helps the client to make its reach to the targeted audience.

The most striking features of this online store are the mobile responsive template, intuitive navigation, interactive interface, highly functional filter, easy product management, discount coupon management & easy payment gateway. The website is created in fully customized design and is powered by most advanced technology. The use of scripts helps in providing fast loading speed. Furthermore, it can easily be accessed from mobile gadgets & tablets because of its responsive nature.

As we all believe that an interactive website has more potential to attract the buyers, we developed the customized design for www.droozo.com. The web pages were created in the customize manner using HTML language. The website was made fully responsive so that buyers can easily place their orders using mobile gadgets. The website contains more than 25000 products, so it was a real challenge to provide easy navigation to the buyers. We developed highly functional filters using which the buyer can make searches based on different parameters. In this website, it is possible to search products using product name, brand & category.

To ensure that the buyers don't find any difficulty, we have provided Intuitive Navigation. This ensures that they can easily move from one web page to another or from one category to other. Apart from this, discount coupon management is also provided for the vendors. If any of the vendors wants to provide deals, offers or discounts to the buyers, then the option is provided for that. SAM Web Studio has provided highly secured payment gateway to process your request. The company has provided easy payment options through credit/ debit card & internet banking.