While designing an e-commerce website, there are certain attributes which are mandatory to showcase like appealing design, interactive interface, intuitive navigation & easy payment options. These attributes help in enhancing the conversion rate as buyers find it easy to shop. With the same approach, SAM Web Studio has designed Kidsberry – an online store for kids wear.

The theme of the website, the colour combination & their representation, perfectly manifest the creative mind set of the designers. Proper attention is paid towards the functionality of the website. As the online store contains huge stock of products, highly functional menu bar is provided in order to offer flexibility to the buyers during the selection of the products. Using this, the buyers can select products based on different parameters like shop by category, shop by brand, shop by boys' category, shop by girls' category etc. The functionality offered in the Menu bar provides flexibility to the buyers during shopping.

SAM Web Studio has also powered the website with the highly intuitive filters. The buyers can easily filter out the products based on the category, colour, size, price & brand. The complete website is developed on Shopify E-commerce platform. Moreover, we have provided a full scale customization related to the design and high end functionality related to the development in this website. We have also powered the website with easy payment gateway so that buyers don't find any difficulty in paying the bills of their purchases.

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