Urban Hues


What is Urban Hues?

Urban Hues is an ecommerce portal that deals in house decor products like curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets, rugs, carpets, doormats, and some other generic products like towels, bath mat, etc. It has been afully responsive and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ecommerce portal that provides reliable services along with quality products. Price tag ranges from affordable to expensive designer products, so every class of society can buy something for their humble abode.

Salient Features

Shopping from Urban Hues will get you exciting benefits because of tons of great features they provide. Apart from wide categories, they also provide an exclusive catalog for kids and assorted products based on material, print, and type of fabric.

  • Online Payment and User Account Management.
  • Fully Responsive and SEO Friendly ecommerce website.
  • Automatic Tracking of Products Delivery.
  • The easy checkout process is safe and secure along with free shipping which is an add-on benefit.

Salient Core Features of website

  • Quality is important over quantity, so even in an economical or cheap product, you get the highest possible quality.
  • The ecommerce system of Urban Hues is hassle-free, fast, and transparent. This enhances customer experience and trust.
  • Flexible return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee, in case the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Scope of Ecommerce Portal

Ecommerce website designing is in high demand as more and more businesses are launching themselves on the Internet. Ecommerce portal like Urban Hues is a responsive and SEO friendly website. Attributes like these help businesses to gain an immense audience and boost their sales. In the long term, web design and Web Development Company in India will be in high demand after analyzing the current rising trend of ecommerce portals and their utilization.

Advantages of Ecommerce Portal

There are many advantages to operating an eCommerce Portal. Some major benefits are as follows:

  • SEO-Friendly and responsive website design help you to reach an untouched marketplace which is impossible to reach physically.
  • Attract a large number of customers as compared to a physical store or shop.
  • Accessible from remote locations with the help of the Internet.

Design and Technology

Urban Hues is an interactive ecommerce website developed by the best, which is developed in Shopify and gives effortless customer experience. We have been ranked among the top Shopify Development Company in Delhi, India. We provide complete solutions for ecommerce website designing. From Website design, development to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we handle it all and the result is maximum customer engagement and higher lead generation.

Our team has developed this ecommerce portal using efficient technology stacks that ensures smooth functioning of the portal. The technology used is as follows:

  • Designing: Html, JavaScript, Query, and Css3.
  • Server-side scripting:Shopify Platform
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Operating system: LINUX/NT
  • Resolution: Full-Width Responsive Layout

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