Lead Generation That Drives Revenue

No qualified leads mean you are selling in dark

Are you a startup or small company struggling to get qualified and verified hot leads? No need to worry, just avail B2B lead generation services to gain hot leads and expand your company. Lead generation service is the action to cultivate potential leads for your business. These warm leads can convert into potential sales that lift your business among other businesses in the top charts.

Professional Lead Generation Services Investing in an experienced and knowledgeable lead generation company in India makes sure that you have expertise on your side to boost sales. For making new sales and customers, getting your targeted customers into your sales funnel is very important. This is why more and more businesses are investing in lead generation services in Delhi, India.

Benefits of Lead Generation Services

Your Brand Awareness Boost

Businesses can use lead generation services to educate and inform their target market or audience on what their business offers to consumers.

Boost Your Revenue

Lead Generation can boost your brand's ability to reach target customers by using the right messaging and content to generate interest from these specific markets.


Lead Generation can be cost-effective with SAM Web Studio. You can easily control your spending and use the money to target only the most relevant target customers.

Eliminate Cold Calling

When hot leads are not coming to you, then using outbound methods such as cold calling and emailing is just useless and time-wasting. The best lead generation company in India can save the time of your salespeople.

Generate Quality Leads

Lead Generation lets you target a specific target market or audience. You canonly target those customers or buyers who are relevant to you.

Start earning warm leads by partnering with SAM Web Studio

SAM Web Studio is a proven and trusted digital marketing company in Delhi. The results we have driven for our clients are just unmatched. With a professional and experienced team of digital marketing experts, we provide comprehensive B2B lead generation services. We also have enhanced the efficiency of our sales team by generating high ticket inside sales, qualified leads and cleansed lead lists.

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Our fresh Online Lead Generation Process:

  1. Step 1: Understand your business requirement
  2. Step 2: We create a prospect persona
  3. Step 3: Identify your targeted customers
  4. Step 4: We connect with those leads
  5. Step 5: Convert them into qualified leads or paying customers

Lead Generation Services for Different Sectors

  1. Insurance Lead Generation
  2. Local Lead Generation
  3. Inbound Lead Generation
  4. B2C Lead Generation Services
  5. B2B Lead Generation Services
  6. Outbound Lead Generation
  7. Lead Generation Services for website designing company
  1. Lead Generation for Education Sector
  2. Lead Generation Services for Startups
  3. Real Estate Lead Generation Services
  4. Mortgage Lead Generation
  5. Appointment Setting Services
  6. Outbound Lead Generation
  1. B2B Appointment Setting Services
  2. Telemarketing sales leads
  3. Software Lead Generation Services
  4. Lead Generation Services for SAAS Companies
  5. Industrial sales leads

How SAM Web Studio brings qualified leads

Our wide range of lead generation services leaves no room for any missed leads.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

One of the best ways to boost your client base and increase sales is search engine optimization (SEO). With our SEO services in Delhi, you can keep your business moving, growing and thriving. We implement effective SEO strategies to rank your website on the top of SERP that helps you to generate high-quality sales and leads.

For instance: Suppose you are running an event management company. Your targeted customers are businessmen who frequently give business parties, couples who are looking for wedding event management services, etc. But the question here is how you will reach that audience.

Having a website is not enough to drive sales, but you have to implement an effective SEO strategy. Therefore, we implement effective and result-oriented SEO strategies to target the most qualified audience by using targeted keywords.

PPC Advertising

It does not matter how much you spend optimizing your services and products, your main aim is to generate quality leads and convert them into your loyal customers. We do it many ways, but one of the best channels particularly for those who have a limited budget in PPC advertising.

When it is done right, PPC lead generation can get you fresh leads to feed the top of the funnel regularly so that you can nurture those new leads later and turn them into paying customers.

Social media marketing

Do you know,More than 60% of internet users are on social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.? They use them regularly and provide a huge amount of data to these platforms. This valuable data is very important for social media lead generation.

Social media sales lead help businesses to identify people who are interested in them. In addition, these sales leads act as a bridge to the future customers to make special discounts or offer and convert them into paying customers. Facebook is the best social media platform for lead generation as more than 2.5 billion people use it across the world every month and make Facebook with the largest population.

Email & Content Marketing

With email marketing, one gets to initiate a one-to-one conversation with their customers and clients while sharing an informative post and inviting their targeted customers for a webinar, informing them about a newly launched product or service, and letting them know about ongoing offers and discounts on products.

Creating informative content posts and distributing them with a primary focus on education instead of selling. Our team of highly professional content writers produces content in various formats, including case studies, white papers, videos, and blogs or infographics.

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to qualified lead generation, affiliate marketing is also a powerful tactic. More than 40% of marketers consider it as one of the best and effective customer acquisition methods, and the SAM Web Studio team is the best in affiliate marketing.

Why SAM Web Studio Wins For Qualified Lead Generation?

Spending a big amount in Marketing for leads but not getting expected results or your conversion rate is floating at the bottom of the report every week? If the answer is yes, then you must go for lead generation services. SAM Web Studio is a leading SEO company in Delhi, since 2010. We also provide a broad range of services, including lead generation services, SEO, SMO,website development services, etc., to businesses across India and overseas.

Our lead generation services are very cost-effective, secure and professional and they will help you generate fresh qualified leads using the most sophisticated workflows, technologies, tools and best digital marketing practices.

Deliver Quality And Verified Hot Leads At Affordable Prices

  • Use Cutting-Edge Technology for Generating Quality Leads
  • No Loss Of Data Guaranteed
  • Efficient Communication & Management Services
  • Reduce The Pressure On You By Covering All Aspects Of Generating Hot Leads.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of lead generation who are highly proficient in engaging with your targeted customers professionally. So, if you are looking for reliable, cutting edge and cost-effective lead generation services in India, contact us today to take a productive way to your business success.

Lead Generation FAQ

What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is the process of finding specific potential consumers/clients and attracting them to your business.
Lead generation is as important as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Keep in mind that no leads mean no customers, no revenue and no business.
Our professional team of experienced digital marketing experts are highly experienced in generating fresh and qualified leads.And use a non-scripted approach to do so. They contact businesses and organizations that they know will be beneficial to you and contact the people only who will be able to make decisions. As a result, we are far more likely to see great results by targeting these people.
Suppose you have a product or service. Demand generation brings you the attention and provides people a reason to get excited about what you’re offering. After that, lead generation swoops in and up people who are interested. Keep in mind what the ultimate goal of your marketing effort is. What is good for demand generation is not always good for lead generation and vice versa.
There are some major differences between B2C lead generation and B2B lead generation, so ensure that the company which you're hiring has experience handling the kind of leads your business is built around. Determining whether your potential lead generation service provider is the best fit for your company's style and culture or not.
The price of lead generation services varies so much that it can intimidate a potential client. Also, price depends on several factors like company size, reputation, industry, how many services that digital marketing company provides and degree of lead qualification.