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6 Trends Of Mobile Application Development

Feb 17, 2018   Satish Chandra   MOBILE APPLICATION

Mobile app development

Today, the technology plays a very important role in our daily life. More than7.5 billion people live on this beautiful planet and about 2.1 billion people out of them depend on mobile phones and smartphones to meet their needs.  Without a doubt, mobile devices have become pervasive to us and they provide amazing user experiences through advanced mobile apps. According to some research, mobile application revenues will reach almost $189 Billion by the year of 2020.

6 Trends Of Mobile Application Development

1. Wearable Technology

This is one of the hottest topics in tech these days. Apple Watch and Google Glasses wearable technologies have a great hand in technology advancement. A couple of years back apps for wearable devices were mostly focused on fitness industry and health care, but now these gadgets are expected to be used by enterprises to enhance their efficiency and productivity. If Mobile App Development takes it into consideration, then wearable will flow in each industry. Keep in mind that think out of bound and make your own Wearable App make your mobile app unique and distinct. Mobile app developers will be transferring their focus to more on wearable apps instead of smartphones for various industries and organizations in 2018.

2. The Internet Of Things (IoT)  Is Going To Open New Possibilities

The Internet Of Things or IoT refers to the network between many devices without a person to computer interaction. According to Technavio, “IoT will grow by 31.72% (CAGR) between 2014 and 2019. Besides more than 5 billion people and  50 billion things will be connected to each other by the year 2019. So, without any doubt, the IoT is going to play a key role in 2018 and many coming years. It is taking mobile app development to a new level. The Internet Of Things adopts cloud-based mobile applications which spell-bound the developers in the past. Thereby, they developed breathtaking IoT apps.

3. Innovative Mobile User Experience Design

Do you know that effective display of content is crucial if you want to provide sound user experience? Some big brands that develop progressive patterns displaying self-generated designs & user-interactive interfaces are Pinterest, Houzz, Wonderlist, and Instagram. Remember,  apps with more bells and whistles don't attract more users, so you need to focus on the end product during the app development cycle, and be sure that all of your efforts are focused on the end user and focus on how they will react and interact to your app.

Also, the average attention time is about 5 to 10 seconds, so your business apps must provide a quick and obvious value. Develop an app for plenty of platforms simultaneously, rather spending all your money, time and efforts with a single platform prior to moving to the next one. This is because it will unquestionably increase your reach and help you get your small business in front of more and more people, particularly your target audience through your mobile app. 

4. M-Commerce

Today, a big number of customers are preferring to make purchases through various wallets like Google wallet, Paytm and Apple Pay rather than using Credit/Debit cards. Joined with wearable devices like Apple watch with m-commerce payment facility will take a new shape in 2018. Apart from this, developers will have the opportunity to build m-Commerce Mobile apps which can give extra functionality to the consumer. Some of the online stores that are serving as best mobile commerce apps in mobile app world are Flipkart, Myntra and  Amazon. Along with wearable devices, M-commerce payment facility is likely to skyrocket in 2018. It is believed that it will be double by 2020. The ratio of making online transactions, with plenty of smartphones featuring advanced technology, has been increased which promptly put the m-Commerce up in the industry. Debit and credit cards will be completely replaced by online wallets.

5. Motion And Location Sensing

These days a considerable number of people use smartphone apps to carry out their day-to-day activities, for example, contact tracking, searching for nearest retail shops &restaurants, ordering groceries, etc. And location-based services have been in use in these applications making their lives simple and easy. Besides, location sensing is extremely beneficial for mobile apps that provide geotagging, travel and tourism, location mapping, vehicle navigation, games as well as fitness related services. In addition to this, a location sensor element can find out the phone's latitude and longitude, a street address.

The prime aim of the motion detection is to sense an intruder and send an alert to your control panel which alerts your monitoring center.  And this sensor is right for large, open areas with many windows in your home. They work when you are not home, or when you tell the system that you are not there. This trend will go on to evolve with the growing availability as well as ease of use of GPS and give users real-time information in 2018 and many upcoming years.

6. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

EMM is a concept of securing and managing employees/workers use of mobile phones or smartphone devices. Investors are attracted to the advantages of enterprise applications as it helps you manage your business roles at ease. Enterprise Mobile Management is the mixture of Mobile Application Management(MAM), Mobile Information Management(MIM) and Mobile Device Management(MDM). In addition to this, Mobile Device Management is a security software used by an IT department to monitor, manage or secure intended user’s mobile devices. MAM looks after of controlling which user can access which app and  On the other hand, MIM takes care of allowing only an approved app to access data or transmit it anywhere. It is believed that there would be over 400 billion enterprise applications available on the market by the year 2021.

Mobile app development has become the most vital feature because they design and develop apps which are most trending and in huge demand these days.  So, mobile app developers must keep track of these trends in order to attune themselves to latest innovations in mobile application development.

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