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Top 5 New Trends In Web Design For 2018

Feb 14, 2018   Saurabh Yadav   WEBSITE DESIGN

Top 5 New Trends In Web Design For 2018

Your business site must have a unique and attractive design if you want to drive more and more people to your site. You must create web pages that are in sync as well as the current graphic design trends. No doubt that websites are an important part of doing business these days due to the highly competitive environment in the online world. Your business site is the first source of information including your products or services. However, web design trends have been changing fast because of huge competition in the market to catch the online user's’ attention.

In this post, we have listed down top 5 Web Design Trends Watch For 2018:

Lots Of Vibrant Color Schemes

Colors are the most vital thing in a web design and web designers can take their web design to wherever they want simply by using proper colors. They can use the color palette of Google to be more specific in their color selections. Also, they can use multi-colored combinations in their website designs and logos rather than the traditional single-colored designs.


Bespoke Illustration

Another web design trend that every Website Designing company in Delhi is preferring for its use as an effective tool to communicate a brand message. Also, Today more and more businesses are turning to illustrators to create customized illustrations for their sites. Adding illustrated touches to the site is an amazing way to make your brand stand out in a marketplace. Must this trend in mind when you  looking around for the designers or web design service company to get quality  and professional website designs.


3d Animation

3D has been a big thing in the field of design and is going to rule the design world in the future. Today, a large number of organizations and businesses are working to develop 3D rendering tools and so it has become easier to create interactive 3D designs and models that look attractive and catchy. Hire a Website Designing company in India that provides rich animations in the form of SVG, CSS and gifs videos. Animations find user experience, engagement and of course interaction. Use of animated cinemagraphs and gifs will surely  persist in web design.



Bold Typography

This is another great feature for every Website Development Company to experiment with when developing web design for their clients. It surely brings a great user experience when combined with video, animations, colors, imagery and of course unconventional layouts. And it will become a key aspect of UI design due to this. In this year, the header text going to be Bolder, Transparent, Oddly spaced, Haphazardly placed and Weirdly misshapen.


Mobile Optimization

These days more and more people and businesses have turned to mobile phones to access the Internet. Therefore, mobile optimization must be an important element of your web designer’s plan. A large number of companies and organizations (mid and large) are adopting a mobile-first strategy for web design these days. So that designing the website to work best on the smartphone, you must scale it up to suit a desktop. Apart from that, Even big Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc have made it clear that they are not going to entertain those sites which are not compatible with mobile search.

Website design service companies are under the pressure of creating beautiful and unique websites that can deliver a brand message in a quick time. And this is the prime reason that their team of web designers continues to experiment with these web design trends.

Were you stunned to see any of the web design trends for 2018 mentioned above?

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