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Top 8 SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Oct 1, 2018   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Top 8 SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design

There are more than 60 percent of websites available online those are not able to take the benefits of the responsive website design. The reason is that the design of these websites is not optimized. You need to boost your search engine optimization in order to improve the ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP). In this competitive world where thousands of websites are available on the internet, it is important that you make sure that you are on top of the search results of Google, so all the website designing company must follow these several things while designing and development of the website.

Failing to implement a responsive website design can lead to the:

  • Increase in the reviews which are negative
  • Lose of the sales
  • Decrease the traffic on the website
  • Lose the old and good customers
  • Increase the bounce rates significantly.

There are many more of such types so you make sure that the responsive design for the site is 100% mandatory.

Why Responsive Website Design is good for SEO?

Before turning your simple website design to responsive website design, you need to know all the SEO benefits of going responsive. Here are the top 8 SEO benefits of a responsive website design all you need to know. Have a look at them below:

Top 8 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

1.      The website’s speed is increased

The users of the internet expect that a website should load in just fraction of seconds. If it is taking more than 5 or 10 seconds then definitely it is a problem with its design. Nobody in this fast world likes to wait and hence your website will never be visited. The visitor will start getting irritated with the loading time and will approach some other instantly loading the website.

If you are using a responsive website design, then it is for sure that the site will load quickly on any of the user’s device in no time. If the files kept on the site are of less size, it becomes easy for Google to load it.

2.      Device independent

It is important that the site must be able to open on any platform and in any size. There are so many types of devices available in the market today; you never know which visitor prefers which device. So make sure that your site is responsive as it will be able to adapt easily.

Also, if the site gets adjusted to any quality and size of the screen then the search engines can easily crawl down and provide indexing to the content available on the site.

3.      The bounce rate is decreased

The bounce rate is the number of times people visit just a single page on the website. Google keeps on noticing the bounce rate of a site and accordingly it boosts up the SEO ranking of the website.

A responsive website design makes sure that the bounce rate is low. With responsive design, the quality will be top-notch and the viewers will like to spend more time on the site.

4.      Mobile friendly sites get a boost up

You must not be aware of the fact that Google increases the ranking of the sites which are mobile friendly. From the year 2015, Google brought a new algorithm for the search rankings wherein the mobile friendliness is considered as the major ranking signal. This change was made by Google because of the news that more than 60% of searches on Google are via smartphones.

 In the upcoming time, this percentage is definitely going to increase. Therefore, it is recommended to use the responsive design in order to make the site more friendly to the mobiles.

5.      Cost-effective

You can boost up your SEO ranking with a single responsive site. This will charge you less money and will give you the best returns in the shorter time span.

6.      A better experience for the user

In order to improve the SEO rankings, it is important that the user experience is improved and enhanced. The viewer should be easily able to navigate through the site and there must be no blockages in middle. The content that they are looking for must be within their reach easily.

A responsive site design makes sure that the user experience is good and hence people will love spending time on the website. This will automatically increase the rankings and search results.

7.      Backlinks get a boost up

Link building is considered one of the best strategies for the sound and effective SEO. More are the high-quality backlinks available on your site, more will it be better. The number of the websites’ links never matters what only matter is the quality, the type of websites whom you will link to yours.

Google keeps a note of the backlinks that you have on your site and makes sure that high-quality content is offered to the viewers thus, increasing the rankings on the SERPs. A responsive design will make sure that the backlinks get boost up easily.

8.      Avoid any kind of plagiarism

If in the case for different user devices you have different websites, make sure that the content does not repeat. Otherwise, in long run, the SEO is definitely harmed. If all the content is unique and good then Google can easily crawl and do the indexing of the content thus getting it organized properly. A website is considered responsive only when the entire content on it is 100% unique.

As the website owners, it is our responsibility to make sure that the web place becomes the best place to experience things. With continuous improvement in technology, it is important that the site should be more users friendly. Therefore, it is required that the responsive website designing is done in order to make sure that the viewers do not face any type of hurdles while surfing.

These are some of the best benefits of the responsive site design will be highly considered by all the SEO company in Delhi, India. That will definitely very helpful to rank up a site at a good position in the online world of Google. We’re recognized as a top Website Design Company on DesignRush

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