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Top 5 most used PHP framework in 2022

Aug 9, 2018   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DEVELOPEMENT

Top 5 Best PHP framework in 2022

For any web application development or for designing a website, PHP is a technology that is widely used. Till date, it is considered to be the most popular and efficient server-side programming language. This is an open source scripting language and has been a reliable and stable technology from long back.

 Initially, the PHP developers started writing some custom codes to accomplish each and every task via PHP but with time they felt that writing codes for each functionally are a tedious task making the language less usable. Therefore, they come with a better and much efficient methodology of creating the frameworks.

Introduction to PHP Frameworks

In a PHP framework, various reusable software is combined together for web and application development or some website building. These sites and apps can be of various sizes and complexity depending upon the requirement.

These frameworks provide a standard way of creating the web solutions. The development becomes much faster because the same code need not be rewritten again and again. Thus, the developers can use these frameworks as and when needed to create an application.

Features of the PHP frameworks

Following are some of the reasons why most of the web development company still prefers using the existing PHP frameworks:

  • These frameworks offer high security for the website or application.
  •  The web development gets speed up because of the code reusability.
  • The web applications that are based on frameworks are highly scalable.
  • Along with the use of frameworks, developers can merge the concept of OOPs in their development process.
  • The PHP frameworks follow the Model-View-Controller logic which is recommended for the web development company as the logic is totally separated from the presentation.

These are some of the important yet essential benefits of PHP framework that makes them so popular to be used.

List of commonly used PHP frameworks

 For the development of web applications, there are many PHP frameworks available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones which are very common in the market these days:

1) Laravel PHP Framework


Laravel PHP Framework


Laravel is one of the most used open source PHP framework. It was developed in the year 2011 by Taylor Otwell. This framework is highly preferred in the market and almost 50% of the PHP users are using Laravel. The major reason behind this is the WVC architecture used by Laravel. The WVC architecture followed by Laravel has a large package space along with the feature of queue management.

This framework is packed with lot many videos that can be used by Laravel Development Company in order to guide their developers easily to proceed further with the usage of the framework.

There are some new features that have been recently added to the Laravel framework. These features are mentioned below:

  • Laravel horizon

It comes with a dashboard that has been designed elegantly and has a proper configuration based on the code which suits the Redis queues.

  • Laravel Dusk

With this feature, the browser automation along with the testing API becomes very simple to use and expressive. Many developers prefer this.

  • Laravel Echo

Laravel echo has the feature of event broadcasting. Without any complexities, the WebSockets can be used in the application with the help of Laravel echo.

Laravel framework has the capability to make the development and design simple and elegant enough for both beginners and the expert developers. Large teams, as well as the individual developers, can easily use Laravel.

2) Symfony


Symphony PHP Framework

Symphony is an exact choice when the development is for a large-scale company. The ecosystem of this framework is huge enough with a big library of the code base and reusable components along with a community of active developers. The task of reusable components is to complete the object creation and configuration, templating, routing, authentication and many more other things. 

There are several companies that use symphony framework. Some of them are Sainsbury’s Magazine, Intelius, Sony VAIO UK site. Other big tech companies uses major Symfony components within their projects, including Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.


3) CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter PHP Framework

This being a lightweight framework is used when you need to provide installations that are hassle-free and when less of the configurations are required. CodeIgniter has the capacity to work on all form of dedicated and shared hosting platforms in an easy manner.

It is not completely following the MVC architecture and hence developers get some flexibility while working with CodeIgniter framework. Use of controller is must but yes, using model and view is a complete choice of the developer. The error handling is very easy with this framework and it is highly secure as well.


4) CakePHP


Cake PHP Framework

CakePHP is another widely used framework of 2022. This is highly secure, reliable and very fast. From a decade, this framework exists in the market and is very popular among the PHP users. It comes with many special features like Cross-site request forgery protection, prevention from SQL injection and prevention from cross-site scripting etc.

With CakePHP, scaffolding is very simple and hence the web development company can create its own prototypes easily. No complicated YAML files are required for the configuration. Everything that is required for the development of an application is provided in the framework including the access to the database, validation, translations and the authentication etc.


5) Yii 2


Yii 2 PHP Framework

Yii is one of the very old existing PHP frameworks. Recently, it has come up with a new version named as Yii 2. This framework is purely object-oriented. It works on lazy loading techniques which make the framework work faster than other frameworks.

The big and massive web application development can preferably go for the use of Yii 2 framework. The major reason is that this framework can easily get integrated with features like Jquery and AJAX. There is one more feature called Gii which has the ability to generate code.

These are some of the best PHP frameworks that are used widely all over the world. It totally depends on the requirement of the website which framework to be used.

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