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Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

Jul 16, 2018   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important tool to rule over the internet world today. If you have a correct SEO technique in your basket, you can generate considerable traffic for your page or website. You should have the proper knowledge regarding the nature of the content, usage of keywords, elimination of negative keywords and various other factors which play a significant role in making your website popular among the masses. People all over the globe start their day with Google search and if you want the users to land correctly on your page or website, some factors should be implemented flawlessly. However, if you still want to know some of the advanced SEO techniques of the year 2018, have a look at them below:


Advanced SEO Techniques


1.      Mobile- excellent tool

There is no need to say how important the smartphones are in the current times. Many of the concerns today develop mobile-friendly websites which are really loved by the users. Whether it is for shopping or ordering food, people usually prefer online deals. And so, if you want high Google Rankings, make sure that you have a website which users can easily access on their smartphones. The websites should be designed in such a way that they can be opened on the smart devices in no time. The visibility of the websites in next important factor which needs to be taken care of as users like the attractive websites and which can give all the required information on the mobile phones.


2.      SEO Audit


SEO Audit, Website Audit

Now, SEO Audit is the main factor which you can’t afford to miss. It is the result of your website’s performance on the internet. It provides you the information about how much is the search traffic and whether the sales have increased or decreased. You can then make the changes accordingly in your website with best strategies which are actually needed. Pay attention to Meta titles and description. Use URLs which are readable and avoid those which have robots.txt. You can also make use of target keywords in URLs.


3.      Landing pages having SEO optimization


To generate more and more traffic, you should have proper landing pages. The users should feel interesting to read the content on your pages. There are some crucial factors which should be kept in mind for the creation of correct landing pages. Those are relevant information, correct keywords and much more. The layout of the page should be attractive enough to gain the attention of the users. There should sign up procedure and download button. One of the most important things which create a good landing page is no navigation meaning the users need not have to keep on searching what they need.


4.      Short content


How boring it is to read the long articles! The content must be short and sweet not exceeding more than 1800 words in any way. Users don’t waste their time in reading the long posts and so a page with short content is always appreciated. Apart from that, the quality also matters. A short content with a good quality is the success of the page and website both. The website should provide the information in short posts with high-quality content, of course.


5.      Use infographics


Infographic Submission

Using infographics is one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic. You can use visual means and photos to clearly show the information. The diagrams, charts and pie charts can also be useful. The images, videos, and pictures also display much of the information about the product. Users love more than the infographics. The websites having the videos and pictures gain more traffic and attention of the users. It is again one of the best SEO tools you can use.


6.      Good roundup post

The roundup post should be nice to grab the attention of the readers. The expert roundups are liked by the readers and they also help you in keeping the high rank on the map. Expert Roundup post also helps in the generation of more traffic towards the websites. Users pay attention to the viewpoints and advice of experts which can ultimately lead to the success of the website.


7.      Usage of keywords in SEO page titles

The page title should contain more than one keyword. The keywords should be used in such a way that the title does not look bad or unattractive. Keep in mind that you use all the relevant keywords otherwise it creates a bad impression in the eyes of the readers. The keywords should be such that they present the useful and relevant information about the topic. The good keywords increase the rankings of the website. The goal of every company providing digital marketing services is to make the website more usable to the audience with the help of powerful keywords. SAM Web Studio is the Top Leading digital marketing company in India along with it offers website designing and development.


8.      Put new content

This is again one of the most SEO techniques which you need to follow. Use the headline with keywords. You should add customer testimonials and mentions wherever possible on the page. These techniques will help in generating more traffic and lead to an increase in sales. You should change the content often and put new images, pictures, and videos by replacing the old content with the new one.


9.      Social Media platforms

Optimized social media platform

Social media marketing should be effectively done for gaining more users. The content you put on the social media should be interesting so that users will feel to read more. You can make use of animated videos, pictures and images to grab the attention of the users. You can build a community where the users can chat and make discussions.


10.  Google Search Console

Google Search Console

This tool will show you the various errors of your site and the keywords which are frequently used. You can know the errors such as 404 pages. It also shows you the different URL errors in the blogs and pages. It also displays the Google Index and Crawls stats. This is one of the most powerful Google Tools for correcting the errors on the site.

These are the most effective SEO techniques for generating the traffic and increasing the sales. SEO techniques are widely used by all the concerns now for building their brand and connecting with users situated in other parts of the world. The main aim of SEO is to provide what the audience actually wants without any extra efforts. You can get in touch with best SEO agency in Delhi order to get something much better.

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