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Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021

Mar 17, 2021   Gourav Bajaj   WEBSITE DEVELOPEMENT

Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021

Around two billion websites are on the internet today and this number is increasing. Every website has its own different motive and strategy to run it. But the question is how many of these websites are following the advanced technology and latest development trend?

There are lots of development trends are running in the market but we will look into the top 7 web development trends for 2021. Every year, new development trends take place in this list.

All the professional developers should stay up to date about these trends as they will help them in making things competitive for the market and convenient for their users.

Apart from talking about the development trends, you will definitely need a website development partner to work on these trends. If you are in search of an amazingly professional website development company in Delhi, you can contact SAM Web Studio for the affordable range of website development services.


How Best Website Development Trend for 2021 Benefits?

More than 60 percent of users like to visit a website to get a service whose designs, performance, content, and layout are attractive and unique.

These things will help in raising the conversion rates. If you are an individual or a company, want to increase conversions? Keep updated about the web development trends in 2021.

As we have seen how user experience is becoming one of the top most important things in the market, we can see a huge addition of new and tremendous development trends in upcoming years.


Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021

Let’s concentrate on the Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2021 that you should know if you want to sustain ever-rising competition.

  1. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  3. Responsive Web Design
  4. One Page Websites
  5. Web Assembly
  6. Motion UI
  7. Voice Search Optimization


#1 Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications (PWAare one of the most reliable web development technologies that are being used by the top leading businesses. You can easily enjoy the benefit of both a native app as well as a classic website with the help of a progressive web app.

This technology is great even when you use it in offline mode while enabling faster loading speed, responsiveness, and an app experience.

Companies like Twitter, Swiggy, The Washington Post, Forbes, and Uber are using and relying amazingly on this type of technology to provide an amazing user experience to those who are not willing to download the application.

As we know about Google maps, it offers an offline experience, these types of the website also works the same. Now, it’s time to move towards PWA Development from professional PWA Website Development Company.

According to the researches, we may see a huge number of websites and brands following this technology by the end of 2021 and in the coming years.


#2 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are also a very crucial and common web development trend that is used by most website development company in India. Accelerated mobile pages(AMP) is used to increase the performance of a page and decreases the chances of leaving it when a user accesses the web page.

Mobile users are growing every second, an accelerated mobile page helps in quick loading mobile sites. Pages for AMP are developed in a new HTML language keeping just one major target in mind and that is to consume the page loading speed as it is measured that AMP web pages are 85% faster than non-AMP.

It reduces the load time for mobile phone users whenever they visit the page. AMP reduces bounce rate, it is user-friendly, and the best part is that it helps in strengthening (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

AMP as a new trend in web development services defines that the internet is becoming user-oriented.


#3 Responsive Website Design

When we are talking about the best trends of 2021, responsive website designing cannot be missed. The concept of responsive web design was born around 5 years ago when mobile phones increasingly covering the market.

Whenever a search happens through mobile device users, it means the responsive website designing company designers and developers have to put efforts in making their website convenient for both the formats, desktop as well as mobile devices.

In 2021, web design &Web Development Company likely to pay more attention to their responsive web designing services. A user-friendly website is the only way to get the right indexing from the search engine as it helps in making your online business competitive.

If you are developing more than one website for different devices, it means you have to keep track of different analytics. On the other hand, if you are investing in a responsive website design then you have only one analytical report to track. It is very easy to maintain one website instead of multiple websites for different devices.

The same thing goes with the designs, responsive websites help in keeping the same designs and graphics whether a user is accessing the website through a laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Responsive websites are making their place in the market as user experience is becoming the top priority.


#4 One Page Websites

For individuals, freelancers, brochure websites, startups, and a single product website, a one-page website always works amazingly. As we are talking about the single page websites, they do not have a refresh page feature and because of this feature, the site becomes more user-friendly.

As there is only one webpage, it means these types of websites are very easy to maintain and create. You can keep crucial things on focus for the visitors.

Nowadays, the main motive of Website Development Company is to create a convenient and hassle-free website experience in order to attract them. We can see a large number of increments in one-page websites in 2021.

One page websites have higher engagement rate, also this type of websites deliver required messages and call to action buttons quickly as user is interacting with one page. All things are one page, user don’t have to find the things like call to action button or contact from page, social media links, and other important things because all things are mentioned on one page. One page websites are simple and as a result it makes simple experience for user.


#5 Web Assembly

For a better user experience, a website’s performance such as loading speed, good content, and search engine optimization (SEO)is crucial. Web assembly is a new framework technology for website applications, which is not dependent on any programming languages. If you are keen to optimize website performance, web assembly is a good option. Also, it executes the code faster as compared to JavaScript.

Web assembly was first introduced in 2015. Now the use of web assembly is gaining a huge positive response as according to Google, website performance and user experience should be your priority in order to improve ranking on the search engine.

Seeing this, a huge number of top Website Development Company while developing web apps, adopting this great trend. Web assembly would be one of the most amazing and followed development trends in 2021 by the web design & development companies of India.


#6 Motion UI

Motion UI is also a very great and popular development trend in the digital world. Motion UI is used to create smooth animations on a website in order to provide an attractive and unique look.

Motion UI trend is compatible with other web development technologies that are used by the companies. A beautifully and properly designed website or applications have more chances to get potential visitors that’s why it comes under one of the most important marketing strategies that you must keep in mind.

Every owner wants unique and brand new designs to amaze their users. Motion user interface hits the market in 2018 but becomes very popular soon. The motion user interface is used and becomes very helpful to make digital product usage clear.

Motion UI can be used anywhere on the website especially to the elements such as menu bar, scrollbar, backgrounds, header & footers, and more. This brings a fun and amazing experience when a user will browse the website. It is one of the tremendous ways to capture the user’s attention and keep them browsing from one web page to another and one link to another.

You can add a good level of connection through motion UI to make designs more attractive. Companies and brands always try to make things alluring so that they can attract more users to their platform. We know very well that if we will able to attract more visitors, it will result in excellent conversion rate.


#7 Voice Search Optimization

People are getting more into voice search instead of typing text on the search engine for faster results. Voice search is a great example of advanced technology and development that was introduced around 10 years ago. Now, the devices are getting more and more advanced that you don’t have to give command through typing as they understand clearly through voice. Now companies are working & getting more into how to optimize their digital products for voice search and commands.

A report shows “By 2023, globally 55 percent of all the households forecast to have voice assistant.”

Voice search is one of the fastest-growing types of search technology that is used by around 40% of users in the US at least once a month.

Digital Marketing Company should focus on conversational long-tail keywords as it is one of the best ways of optimizing the website for voice search. You can also pay special attention to creating information or answers to the common queries and providing answers to the simple questions clearly. Create user-oriented content for the visitors in order to solve their main query and provide points to make it more informative and useful.


Be in Trend with SAM Web Studio

As we know future is unpredictable, many more development trends will show up ahead. Being updated about the development trends is the only and best way to create relevant websites.

SAM Web Studio, a leading website design and top digital marketing company in Delhi offer a wide range of affordable services that helps in creating fascinating websites and make them compatible for the competition.

Apart from designing, we also offer professional website development services. We have great experience in software development, Ecommerce Website Development, b2b and b2c web development, ASP Web Development, Shopify Development, WordPress Development, and Laravel Development. If you want to know more about these services and need to know which one will fit your website, we are happy to help you with that and provide you experts advice to clear all your queries.

We provide our clients what suits best for them and done under the experienced professionals with the advanced technology and latest tools to bring advanced and high performance to the website.

Now, when you have the best development trends, which can help you in 2021 to provide your visitors an amazing user experience and if you need more information on web development services then contact us at +91 9968353570 and our experts will help you with your queries.

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