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10 Web Design Trends for 2020

Jan 24, 2020   Gourav Bajaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

10 Web Design Trends for 2020

As per the research, 94% of the users will leave your website without purchasing.

Quite promisingly, the year 2020 has already begun with the emergence of some top-notch web design trends that are highly called to being worth of utility and utmost reverence in the year to come.

Staying updated and acquainted with such trends is a necessity when dealing with the domain of web designing that already is a much lucrative and innovation-demanding segment.

Wondering what the newly-known 2020 website design trends look like? Here, you'll get all the answers to suffice your curious interrogations. Needless to mention, the utmost credit for the development of web designs goes to the inventively working website designing company in India.

Incorporation of newer web design trends aids in:

  • Maintaining effectiveness
  • Staying in a market-leading position
  • Showcasing inventiveness
  • Poling newer clients

Furthermore, all the existing and newly developed businesses are in constant demand for upgrades for their online presence that continually calls for the educated incorporation of latest trends in the web designing domain.

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Here are the top 10 promising web designing trends that are emerging for the year 2020:

In this blog, we have covered all the website designing trends that you need to follow while designing new website or redesign a website. If you want to know more about website design trends, contact us online or directly speak with our counselors about latest website design trends @9968353570.


1) Simplicity


Despite having heard of this concept of "simplicity attracts" for years in several domains, we often fail to realize the essence that it holds always.

In 2020, there is no showing back to this simplified yet meaningful in its design trend for websites.

You can rightfully question as to why simplicity? Here is your answer-

  • Saves time
  • Eradicates complication
  • To the point
  • Gets the job done easily
  • Aesthetic
  • Quick loading

Simple web designs have been readily taken up by some of the larger-than-life brands that have crucial market positions and a large number of dedicated yet expectant customers to hold onto.

Even the Starbuck’s homepage can be seen adopting this aesthetic way of presenting their offerings with minimalistic efforts and yet incredibly high impact of the presented delicacies that they offer.

The simple being of website design is not merely referred to the type of effects used or only the font styling, it deals with all the major aspects of responsive website design that should be devised syncing with the simplified view.

Focus on simplifying these areas:

  • Navigation
  • Graphics
  • Home Page
  • Color Scheme


2) Illustrations


It is quite understandable as to why many websites designing agency in Delhi stay keen on adding pictures to the home page or web pages in general. The picturesque effect that is then posed over the page has always been considered to attract and keep visitors rightfully engaged.

However, the year 2020 comes with a change in this trend for those that prefer adding pictures while website designing. It is time for illustrations!

Benefits that inculcation of illustrations will serve to your website:

  • Imparts a modern look to the website
  • Uniqueness is enhanced
  • Impactful
  • Remembrance is positively affected
  • Use of brand colors possible in a wide array

Custom illustrations are the new web design trend that has captured all inventive minds along with that of the visitors. Feature picture that is constant across the lifetime or for a particular tenure often imparts a boring touch to the overall image of the website.

Digital marketing agencies are not keenly focusing on such measures that increase the effectiveness and modernized image of brands that they market and are therefore readily implementing web designs with illustrations that are customized and keep changing.

Big names that use this technique:

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3) GIFs as graphics

Gone are the days when visitors or readers used to stay engaged in images while browsing a website or web page? It has now turned quite boring to gaze at a single picture while dealing with online content.

It is quite important to account for the still true relevance of graphics in web designing but the narrative has inventively changed with the newer technological emergence. GIFs are the new-day engagement and attraction tools.


  • Engage users better
  • Positively impact the visit time
  • Act as a unique design element
  • Lead to better user experience

Incorporate GIFs in your webpage designs to keep from bored visitors.


4) Personal touch with INSTAGRAM integration



Another website designing trend emerging in 2020 is the integration of Instagram to website designs for focusing on the real customers and connecting with them through the much used social media networks like Instagram.

A tremendous social media marketing strategy is formulated using this concept. American eagle recently started a trend using this incorporation that would feature real customers wearing their apparel.

  • It lets potential customers get a view of how the apparel looks on people.
  • Imparts ideas about the trends to wear certain cloth pieces.
  • Inspiration for clubbing branded tops and bottoms
  • Helps the customers in relating
  • Designing and conversions are highly helped through this.


5) Emotional Design



Designing is the communication of thought through graphics or pictorial representation. Delivering and receiving information are the key components included in it. Taking into account the most important aspect of effective communication i.e. emotions, another 2020 web design trend has emerged that effectively encompasses the alluring portrayal of the information that is to be depicted/ communicated.

Generating the right emotional impact in the visitor’s mind is essentially a work to be done by the web design. Its 2020 and companies are readily moving towards emotional designs and drifting away from the neutral and generic expressions of the designs using effective tools.


6) Artificial Intelligence (AI)



Artificial intelligenceis prominently posing as one of the most promising bases of technological advancement in the near future. Not being limited to any particular domain, AI is creeping into all possible segments of an individual's daily life, right from medicine to gaming and shopping.

Simplifying the lives of users, Artificial Intelligence has come up as a preferred option for web designing as well. 2020 has come up with some comme3ndable options of website designing integrating it with AI-powered tools like chatbots to satisfy customer needs.

Benefits of AI to the company:

  • Less workforce requirement
  • Cost-cutting
  • Updated tech
  • Customer experience is benefitted

Web designs that are equipped with AI-powered chatbots are gaining popularity in 2020 and you should surely try this one to enhance your customer’s experience.


7) Bold Fonts



Besides the key role that pictorial designs play on a website, the most essential work is still done by the minimalistic words inscribed over the web pages that give an essential touch to the concern.

However, it is necessary to understand that headlines or the content aren't the new trends, the designing of these words surely is. 2020 has begun with some amazing trends encompassing the designs and formatting tactics that are used for enhancing the look of web page font.

Thinking as to what the best design tactic is? It is BOLD.

  • Heavy fonts help in putting up more weight to the words thereby written.
  • The visual impact that they derive from the reader is known to be positive and impactful in numerous terms.
  •  In fact, aesthetic and modern touch is imparted to the overall looks of the web design with bold content.


8) Geometric Shapes



Geometric shapes have always been used as simple yet statement-making tools that create appealing and powerful visuals. Contemporarily, they were used for the creation of visual dividers amongst topics or segments on the page.

2020 has, however, come up with ways more innovative and attractive in which geometric shapes can be used as the base creators for web designs.

Geometric shapes:

  • Help create a futuristic look
  • Sharp shapes convey the brutalist impact
  • Concise
  • Presentable


9) Data Visualization



Data visualization not only helps in the creation of understandable pictorial representations but is now also being used to design engaging stories while designing websites. Even for responsive ecommerce website designs, data visualization patters are being readily incorporated to give the design a tremendous and thrilling look.

It is definitely easier to grasp information when represented in numerals, graphs, bars, etc instead of words owing to the conceptual and visualized clarity that they bring along.

Visual storytelling, data art, and illustrations are parts of data visualization that have commendably found their way through the other basic website designs.


10) 3D and Faux-3D designs



For a long period, the usage of three-dimensional depictions was limited to games, movies and entertainment purposes. This year, 3D and faux-3D designs have crept into the web designing segment as well.

3D objects are now emerging and creating impact on both, mobile and desktop versions of websites.

Why incorporate 3D and Faux-3D designs?

  • Add realism to the view
  • Enhance the quality of interactivity
  • Attractive
  • Pair up with other graphics really well


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