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How Much Does It Cost To Build An eCommerce Website

Dec 13, 2017   Satish Chandra   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

ECommerce Website

One of the most often asked but rarely answered questions in the web design world is “How Much Does It Cost To Build An E-Commerce Website. With millions of websites online, still there exists no magic formula for calculating the cost of a new eCommerce website or even the cost of a redesign. We know every website is different and this makes it really difficult to give a  price for any site. But, an honest answer is quite simple-- it all depends.

We cannot assert the exact cost to develop an eCommerce site, but we can only provide figures for developing an eCommerce website. If any cost in the table below suits you, you may contact a development company for exact estimates.




Additional Info

Cost of a Small Business   Website

$1,100 to $3800

Expect to pay $4300-4500 for   total package

Cost of a Medium-Sized   Website

$2000 to $7500

When companies start moving   onto a bigger website, then  it     can be highly beneficial to   work with a professional web   development company that can   offer all of the imminent and   ongoing support that such a   project will require

Cost of a Large-Sized Website

$3000 to $12500

Prices can  vary depending on   the  location and experience of   the development firm


Some Other Website Costs include Content Production, Commerce Plugins, Responsive/Mobile Site, On-going Maintenance, Mobile Responsiveness and Marketing/SEO, SSL Security Certificate, PCI compliance, Hosting and Maintenance.

During eCommerce website development, plenty of factors come into picture like Designing & deploying powerful layouts, Best use of technology for coding/programming, Make website responsive & mobile friendly, Easy navigation & social media integration, CMS customization, UX/UI usability, Shopping cart development, etc., and all these things can affect the cost of a website.

Web Development Pricing Used Today

Pre-Made Packages

Many e-commerce web design & development companies will have pre-made packages that are cheaper than a complete custom designed web site. Also, there are many low-cost commercial packages that you can use and these packages will come with built-in inventory management software, their own shopping carts, credit card processing information, PayPa integration, etc.

Per Project Pricing

Several e-commerce service firms will provide you a set price to complete your project. But, before you begin the e-commerce project, ensure you have a complete requirements list. A good development film will break out each section with a list of specification, features, and assumptions for each section of your site.

If you are planning on using an ecommerce package then research the different options before you decide on a web development company. Keep in mind that the eCommerce web development company you choose will also affect pricing. Be sure whoever you choose is reliable and is easily accessible when you have questions during the development phase or after the project is completed

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