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Top 6 Payment Gateways for Online Businesses in India

Apr 24, 2020   Gourav Bajaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

Top 6 Payment Gateways for Online Businesses in India

A payment gateway is payment processing software designed specifically for an online business and other online-based marketplaces. It is the backbone of such business models because it is a majorly used way to accept payment on online platforms.

It requires both merchant and customer involvement while easing the work for both ends. It authorizes the payment mode and creates a link between the merchant and customer's payment mode to transfer money.

Ecommerce payment gateways have great versatility and flexibility because they work with multiple payment instruments like Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking and UPI. This offers seamless choices for customers to pay with and eliminates all restrictions in payment processing for merchant's business.

Payment gateways also have high-security coverage to ensure the safety of consumer's sensitive information they input while making payment, there is 128-bit encryption with PCI-DSS security compliance as standard. This protects the gateway from any cyber threat like phishing or hacking. While this is standard, there are many gateways that use more advanced security protection if the business model is large.

Top 6 Payment Gateways for Online Businesses in India

If you are a fresh start-up or a rookie in the online business, we bring you some of the best payment gateways for easy and fast payment processing.


1) Paypal



PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway out in the market and is globally used. In a year, PayPal processes more than 4 billion transactions because of its efficient service and highly renowned image. It extends its services to India as well, facilitating international fund transfer between Indian merchants and their customers abroad.

There are still some restrictions for PayPal to work domestically in India due to the Banking Regulations Act but it is very reliable for international payment processing.


key features of PayPal Payment Gateway-


  • Multiple currency support- PayPal deals in over 100 currency worldwide which implies that there are more than a hundred countries with which you can deal with.
  • Auto-withdrawal-This feature provides auto-withdrawal of merchant's fund on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to their bank account.
  • Easy registration-There is no complex procedure to register with PayPal, ease of use is what makes it so popular among the business owners. Merchant can simply create a PayPal account and they will be good to go.
  • Multiple platform support-PayPal has an official website as well as mobile apps to offer diverse platform support for its users.


2) CC Avenue



This is the most preferred payment gateway in India. CC Avenue offer highly reliable services and provides more than 200 payment options support. International credit cards like Diners Club, Amex, JCB and ezeClick are also supported by CC Avenue payment gateway which helps merchants to serve the customer outside the country as well.

27 major currencies can be traded with this CC Avenue payment gateway which helps a customer to pay in their preferred currency.


Key features of CC Avenue Payment Gateway-


  • Zero withdrawal fees-There are no charges to withdraw money from CC Avenue but you can withdraw the money as per their day format which is domestic Friday and international Tuesday.
  • Trusted customer support-It serves millions of customers because of which it has highly dependable customer support.

They have 24×7 customer support over voice, email and chat mediums.

  • Annual maintenance charges-A fee of INR 1200 is levied yearly for maintenance but the initial setup cost is zero.


3) PayU money



PayU Moneyis one of the best payment gateways out in the Indian domestic market. It is a very fast and safe payment gateway which is designed specifically for Indian merchants who deal within the country. It is very affordable and works perfectly for small or medium-sized businesses.

PayU money also accepts some international currencies but that is based on the policy of their banking partners.

It has recently merged Citrus payment gateway with itself which has enabled it to function more widely and efficiently in almost every part of India.


Features of PayU Money Payment Gateway -


  • High security- PayU money is secured with two-factor authentication and 128-bit SSL encryption which makes it highly secure to use.
  • No additional fees- There is no registration or maintenance fees charged by this payment gateway, so it's free of additional costs.
  • Affordable transaction fees- It only charges flat 2.9% transaction fees which makes it so affordable for small merchants.


4) Cashfree Payment Gateway



Cashfree is the best Ecommerce payment gateway in India. It is popularly known for its easy user-interface and low transaction fees.

It provides services with more than 75 net banking options, multiple card companies like Maestro, MasterCard, Amex, etc., on top of this it supports 6 digital wallets like Airtel, Mobikwik, etc.

It also supports UPI, NEFT, IMPS payment options with the fastest settlement cycle of 24 to 48 hours.


Key Features of Cashfree Payment Gateway -


  • Lowest transaction fees- It only charges 1.75% of transaction fees which is the cheapest of any other gateway.
  •  Analytics support- Provides live data of transactions and monthly comparison reports.


5) Razorpay Payment Gateway



Razorpay is a highly integrated payment gateway service provider offering multiple services on a single platform. Services like recurring payments, invoice sharing, disbursement and many more are offered within one single application.

It accepts multiple payment options like cards, net banking, mobile wallets, and UPI and all such brilliant services at a reasonable price.


Key Features of Razorpay Payment Gateway-


  • Integrated security- Laced with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance security. End-to-end encryption ensures extra safety.

  • Instant activation- Provides instant registration with no additional cost or maintenance fee.


6) DirecPay Payment Gateway

DirecPay is a revolutionary payment gateway which is a one-stop platform for all payment solutions. It is developed with the latest technology to ensure fast payment processing on Ecommerce Website. It is also the largest payment gateway in India offering varied services and support for merchants.


Features of DirecPay Payment Gateway-


  • Economic transaction fees- It charges flat 2% transaction fees for domestic payment modes and 3% for international payment cards like Amex, Diners Club, JCB, and ezeClick.

  • Multi-currency facility- It supports transactions in dollars with a separate gateway activation for international transactions.

  • Documentation- Merchant's need to provide required business documents for registration.

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