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Most Important Pages To Have In Your Website

Feb 2, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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Your website is the best tool to mark an impression on your new online customer. Your new customer have come a long way after searching at different sites to finally end up at your site to make a purchase. So, it is but obvious, your website should look different as compared to others so that they should make up their mind to purchase. In order to make your website more impactful, it is mandatory that it should contain some important pages. Although, all the webpages are important, yet you need to have few important pages in order to convert potential lead into client. Let me define what important pages means here.

  • Have the potential to draw heavy traffic
  • Mark strong impression on the visitors
  • Have the potential to convert lead into revenue

Let me discuss these most important pages of your site.

Home (Index Page)

This is definitely the most important page as the visitor will come to this page or at least will click on it when (s)he comes on your site. It is very important that it should make a very good impression on the visitor. For this, you need to put info graphics, taglines, text and other content related to your business.


This is your brand profile. You should provide complete information about your company on this page so that it will help in infusing trust among your visitors. Focus on certain points like how you are unique from others, what makes you experienced, & why your customers/ clients love you.

Contact Page

This page helps in establishing communication with you and your visitor. If the visitor finds your product or service interesting, then (s)he will look for this page. If your website lack this, then you will surely loose a potential client. Try to make it simple.  

Blog Page  

The home page is your brand page, about gives information about your company, contact page seals the deal and blog page does the job of all these three pages. It provides information in the comprehensive manner about your brand, company, service/ product and all other things.

These pages are must to have in your website. While designing a website, keep the above mentioned points in mind.

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