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5 Must Questions To Ask Before Getting Started Website Redesigns Work

Jan 19, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in Delhi

Is Your Brand Well-Represented?

Keep in mind that your brand should keep up with trends in the marketplace as well as changes in client needs. Also, your website must reflect and support the goals of your brand. If there is any disparity between your brand’s online and offline presence, then it could prevent clients from connecting with your business. Remember, uniformity not only looks cleaner but strengthens brand recognition as well.

Do You Stand Out From The Competition?

Your business website’s design must make your business look different and unique. Pay attention to what your competition is doing as well as make note of the methods and design components they use. A reliable Website Designing Company in Delhi will surely Integrate the successful elements into your website redesign strategy.

Is The Visual Hierarchy Salvageable?

Remember, a well-designed website could easily appear tired and in need of a refresh, however, may contain a great visual hierarchy and pictures. There is no need to lose things for the sake of it. If it's good design, then develop it and make it even better and attractive

What Is The Existing Site's Codebase Like?

In the last three or four years, websites built will often be built using divs instead of tables. There is mileage here to create the existing code-base dependent on the size of the project and how well the code was written. Also, if the website you are redeveloping is built with tables or is small, then draw a line under it and develop a new site structure from scratch to make sure the best markup possible. Bear in mind, hire an Ecommerce Web Designing Company in India that has years of experienced in this field.

What Is The Website Architecture Like?

Do you know that reviewing the website information architecture is most helpful too when accompanied by some analytical data from previous years? You can then see if the content the client thinks is the most vital is being viewed most by the users as well as take steps to address this to help boost exposure of content within the website.

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