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Analysing Different Elements in Web Designing

Mar 17, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in India

The designing of website is becoming competitive day by day. Gone are the days, when people use simple websites to do their business. Nowadays, websites are no more just piece of information. They are gateway to new opportunities. For now, it is of utmost importance to have engaging web in order to generate revenue. There are certain factors which contribute significantly towards this. Let me discuss them.

Theme & Colour Selection
Any website designing project starts with the selection of the template/ theme. It is suggested to select the theme which matches with your business. The colour scheme should also sync with your business. For example, if you are dealing in natural products, then green colour would be the best choice. 

Above the Fold Section
It is recommended to put important things above the fold. The reason behind that the visitors come to your website after spending much of their time on different platforms. It is important to provide them the information which they are looking for. While designing a website, it is must to put important things above the fold so that visitors don't face any difficulty. What are these important things? The most important is the information about your products or services. The visitors are there for certain reason. It is but obvious that they are interested in your products and services. In the above the fold section, put information about your products and services in a very precise manner.

The second thing is the "call to action" button. It should be clear that what visitors should do if they are interested in your products or services. You should put enquiry form button in the upper half of the web page.

Get to the point
It is recommended that you should be precise while writing the content. The visitors don't have much time. You just convey your message in the minimum words. The message should be loud and clear.

Social Profile
The social profile is very important in order to infuse trust among the visitors. In the current scenario, it has become mandatory to provide information about your social presence. The visitors will buy only if they think that you are reliable. So, your social profiles will help in infusing confidence among them.

Website Optimization
You should optimized the website while keeping readability in mind. Check whether the font size, font colour and family provide easy readability or not.

When these factors are combined together, they help in the designing of an interactive website. The better you focus on these factors, more will be the chances of getting online leads. If you provide easy to use interface to your buyers, they will surely love to visit to your websites. The more they visit, the better will be chances of engagements.

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