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Database Driven Website and Its Major Advantages

Apr 20, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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A database is a tool that store information in a very structured approach, and the information’s stores in tables, which are accessed by using access commands of database information. PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL are some of the most popular information systems. Nevertheless, a database driven website is one that most of the its content or web pages stored on the file system. It means that website content is not really stored in files on the server, but stored in columns and tables in a database. Consequently, database driven site uses database for collecting and storing information like contact info, products list, email addresses, images, links and client lists. A database driven web site also called as a dynamic.

Dynamic pages can change every time when they are loaded without a web designer having to make those changes. They can also change their content based on what their site visitors do. However, static web pages are opposite of dynamic pages since web pages always look same as well as the content changes rarely. For making any kind of change, you have to do it yourself or have to call a Web designer to do it. The Static

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Pages with images then are uploaded to the Web servers.

Advantages of a Database-Driven Website:

  • Shopping cart, Customized homepage, Easy to update
  • No HTML design knowledge is needed with a database-driven website
  • Integration with corporate applications like HR systems, CRM systems, etc.
  • Website owners can offers advanced search functionality, which enables visitors to filter the results based on a given field, and after that visitors can these results by a field such as date, price, etc.
  • A Database Driven Website allows visitors or users of your site to perform several tasks including post questions to your forums, Comments on a blog, registering for a newsletter, update their profile and many more.
  • You can arrange your products and services (both ascending and descending order by name and date) in whichever way you want within few clicks in your CMS (Content Management System).
  • Using a website that is a database-driven solution is very cost-effective as well as web dynamic pages will be created automatically as you add more information’s to your database.

You must need a database if your site is updated frequently, and contains a huge amount of data. Remember, only database-driven website permits visitors to search for products as well as allowing the website owners to update data or information's like prices very easily and quickly.

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