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Designing Tips To Create Interactive Websites

Mar 18, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in Delhi

What is a website? It is your online portfolio which provides information about your products/ services. There are millions of websites through which millions of people are offering their services/ products. What are the factors that make your website different and more engaging from your competitors? This is certainly a most challenging question and the answer for this is simple. It is the design which helps in making your website differ from others. 

The designing has become very important in the current scenario owing to the fact that visitors will only spend time on your website if they find it interesting & interactive. What exactly does this mean? It means that if they find info-graphics, topography and other things of your website interesting, then only they will spend time on your web otherwise they would move to some other site. 

Let me discuss few points which can help in making your website interactive. 

Visual Appeal with Flat Designs: The simple designs are gaining huge popularity owing to the fact that these designs provide heathy interaction. The simpler designs help in making the websites interactive. Avoid the use of too many buttons in the menu/ side bar as these buttons often create confusion in the mind of the visitors. 

Responsive Themes & Templates: This is the age of mobile telephony so it is mandatory for you to have responsive designs. These designs have the ability to adopt the screen size of the device, offering amazing browsing experience to the users.   

Video Banner/ Animation: Gone are the days of simpler banners. Nowadays, video banners or animated videos are gaining huge popularity. The reason being these are considered as more interactive & engaging. Power your website with interactive videos in order to make more engagements. 

Bold Typography: The banners with the highlighted text are widely used these days. These comes under infographics in which banners along with the message are provided in the website. These banners offer positive impact on the mind of the visitors which eventually results in the call for action. 

These are some points which help in making your website more interactive. These will also help in providing you competitive age over others.  

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