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Does Functionality Influence Online Sales

Apr 7, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

Ecommerce Web Designing Company Delhi

This is the age of internet technology. Most of the people are using internet in order to get services/ products. As per statistics, around 90 percent of the people prefer to shop online. This scenario has influenced the merchants to leave the conventional ways of selling the products and to adopt to the new technologies. They are investing heavily on the ecommerce websites in order to gain potential business. Now, the most pertinent question in this regard is does every online store generates the same amount of revenue. Clearly no. There are various factors which influence the generation of revenue through website.

The most significant factor which contributes towards revenue is the functionality of the website. How? If your website has potential to gain visibility during the searches then it will definitely have visitors. But the conversion of those visitors to potential buyers depends on the functionality of the website. How? Let me discuss this.

The visitor comes to your website after searching other websites also. On the very first place, the visitor needs to know the clear objective of your website. The visitor wants few attributes in your website like clear call to action, easy navigation, your company information, etc. If these factors are present then visitor should definitely perform call to action otherwise he/ she will navigate to some other website. Let me take these factors comprehensively.

Easy Navigation: It is mandatory for you to power your website with easy to use navigation and interface. The visitors don’t want any complexity in this. You should also avoid putting too many links in the menu bar/ side bar. Too many links create too much of confusion.

Filtering: The ecommerce portals are well known for wide range of products. They generally have too many products which are practically impossible to browse manually. So, you should provide a highly functional filter in your website so that visitors can easily filter out the desired product. If you provide them good functionality then it will influence conversion rate in the positive manner.  

Secured Payment Gateway: The online stores should be provided with secured payment gateway as confidential information needs to be processed through it.

Clear Call to Action: The ecommerce websites should be provided with clear call to action so that visitors don’t face any difficulty in placing their order. Any issues pertaining to this will have negative impact on the revenue generation.

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