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How To Design Engaging E Commerce Website

Feb 7, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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The evolution in the field of internet technology has also revolutionized the web industry. Nowadays, most of the people prefer to shop online as it is a time and cost saving method. The sellers are also very happy with this scenario as they get the chance to reach to new geographies and to the new buyers. To do online business, it is necessary to have ecommerce website.

What is an ecommerce website?

It is an online store using which it is possible to sell products online. This is a virtual store which provides flexibility to the buyers to get the desired product with the single click of the mouse. After the purchase, the product will be delivered at their doorstep. So, they can do shopping without moving from one place to another.

The ecommerce website is all about designing and functionality. One needs to focus on both these things if (s)he wants to generate the online leads. The reason being, the market is very competitive and if the buyer doesn’t get the interactive interface then (s)he will navigate to some other website.

When it comes to designing, it is recommended that you should put impressive info graphics on the webpage. The sliding banners along with the taglines help in engaging the visitors. You should put high definition images of the product on the website. You should provide multiple images for a single product as it will give better view of the product to the visitor.

The functionality of the ecommerce website is very important. It is always recommended that you should provide user-friendly navigation. Apart from this, you should provide additional features like the search button so that visitors can directly searched the preferred product without wasting any time. The filters should also be provided so that the user can easily select the preferred product from the available selections. The web should contain “add to cart” button so that the buyers can place their order easily. The web should be powered with easy to fill registration form and a secure payment gateway.

Don’t forget to optimize the website. Here, optimization doesn’t mean “search engine optimization”. The optimization means that your website contains easy to read text, appealing colour combination, user-friendly interface, friendly links for navigation and clear call to action. These features help in powering your website with high functionality. Moreover, the visitors will also love to buy from your online store as they find it convenient.  

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