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How To Keep Visitors on Your Website

Feb 14, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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The websites are meant to do business. They are considered as useful if they have the potential to engage the visitors. Though interesting content and impressive designing can do this job but there are certain other factors which need to be noticed. Let me discuss these factors.

Fast Loading Speed

In present scenario, if your website is taking 3 seconds to load, then it is considered as slow. People don’t have much time to spend. Try to optimize your website to ensure fast loading speed. The high definition images and videos are now considered necessary to make web visually interesting. If you use these in content on the web page, then they will surely increase the loading time. Try to bring a balance in speed and quality. Optimize the images and videos by compressing them. Also make sure that they are optimized for mobile gadgets.   

Interactive Interface

The visitors don’t have much time. All they need is an easy to use interface. If you are running an ecommerce website, then make sure that your visitors don’t find any inconvenience while looking for the products. Provide them highly functional search button. Along with this, also provide them filter option so that they can easily get the product they want without facing any trouble. Also avoid to put too many links or button on the webpage as they may create confusion.

Unique Layout

Try to maintain the originality in your website. Don’t copy the standards of others. Just give your website a unique layout which makes your web looks different from other. The navigation is certainly a very important aspect in web designing. Provide user friendly navigation so that visitors can easily leap from one page to another.

Make Sure your website is designed by professional

Use professional approach while designing a website. Enrich it with high quality content. Make sure that all the images and banners are created by experts. All this will help in offering better browsing experience to the users.

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