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Looking To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate? Tips Here

Apr 15, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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Increase your conversion rate by making customers feel valued: People don’t trust websites, but people. So, it is important for you that your website must have little human factor. If the website about us page not only provide information about your company but a message from your company's founder or President with the photo.

Increase your conversion rate by getting to know your customers: One of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. The longer you know and understand about your online buyers the more you will target customers, and therefore, you will automatically see that your conversion rate went up.

Increase your conversion rate by reducing your customer’s risk: Always think from a customer’s point of view and what is their biggest risk while doing online shopping? Either they don’t like your product or unable to get their money back.  So, mitigate their risk and increase your website credibility by telling your shipping and money-back policy.

Increase your conversion rate by asking and answering questions: Asking questions on social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, etc. can be tremendous for web traffic. This needs less effort than individual queries and helps establish credibility in your business too by converting visitors into buyers.

Increase your conversion rate by providing guarantee: Eliminating customers all risk by providing guarantees such as a one month or two-month refund period will establish that you stand by your product.

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