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Magento Enterprise Can Help Your Business Sell More Online

Apr 27, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

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Magento Enterprise has a wide range of effective marketing tools, which can help any online business to sell more and more products and services. If you are completely unaware of these marketing tools, then we have mentioned some very powerful marketing tools enclosed within Magento Enterprise below. These tools can surely help your online business to attract more and more visitors.

Customer Segmentation: With Magento Enterprise Edition, we can segment customers based on particular demographics (age, location, sex, etc.), and then target them with products or advertisements that they are looking to purchase. Remember, all you customers are not same, and being able to distinguish between various segments base enables you to better target them for extra sales. For Magento Community websites, using Follow up Email and Market Segmentation additions permits for advanced segmentation of customers.

Personalized Web Content Presentation: It enables you to segment customers based on characteristics, after that you can personalize the way your web content is presented in various segments of customer segments to boost your customer satisfaction, business sales, and order values. You know that different products will attract different customers like if you sell toys online, then you are going to appeal kids while women if sell jewelry or sarees online. With Magento Enterprise, it is possible to make personalized banners that promote products to certain customer segments.

Magento Ecommerce Web Development Company

Email Reminders: Magento Enterprise also lets you send email reminders automatically to every person who abandoned his or her shopping carts midway through a visit to your website. Besides, you can also send emails to site visitors who made a wish list but have not yet since came back to your website. Such follow-up emails can be tailored to target visitors based on several factors like quantity, cart value, frequency and much more as well as can direct stray visitors back to your site to complete their purchases. Remember, creating a gift registry on Magento Enterprise will allow your customers to buy gifts conveniently as well as to capture information on new customers. Visitors can search for the gift registry by email, registry ID or name and buy them in privacy.

It does not matter that what kind of products and services you sell online.  With Magento Enterprise, you will be able to revenue of a whole very of enclosed advertising and profit generating tools that can take your online business to a new level.

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