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Why Progressive Web App Are Considered As The Future Web Technology

Feb 18, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DEVELOPEMENT

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The web industry has seen a remarkable growth in recent times. Within a very short span of time various new technologies has come to the surface. We has witnessed the inception of dynamic websites, then mobile friendly responsive websites. The evolution in the field of mobile technology has also revolutionized the web industry. With the commencement of mobile phones more people started using them which brought forth the responsive web technology.

This is the age of mobile apps. More people are using the smart phones. In order to reach to the maximum crowd, the companies are spending huge sum on the designing, development and promotion of mobile apps. Is the mobile apps is certainly the best solution to reach to the maximum crowd? Surely not, when you have web applications which can offer you the same experience and that too at low cost.

Progressive Web App is one such technology which helps in converting your website into mobile app. What does this statement means? This means that this technology helps in developing web app which can act as website as well as mobile app. Whenever visitor accesses you web through mobile, then (s)he will get experience like that of mobile app.

Progressive Web App uses two things one is Service Workers and other is JSON script. The service workers support offline functionality along with other features like push notification, app view support and much more. Whether you are online or off line, you website will offer the functionality like that of the mobile app. This means that you can easily send push notification to your audience even in case of no internet connectivity.

The JSON script helps in fast loading speed and making the source more reliable. It provides the notification to the browser that it is actually the app and not the web. With this, the user gets the better experience while accessing your website through mobile gadget.

Progressive Web App is definitely a better option for website designing and development. The reason behind this is that you get the dual functionality from a single web.

SAM Web Studio has gained remarkable recognition as leading Website Designing Company in Delhi India. We are designing and developing web based on Progressive Web App. We create high end solutions based on the requirement of the clients. You should contact us if you are looking for reliable and affordable web solution. 

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