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Apprehending Ecommerce Website Designing- How To Generate More Online Sales

Feb 25, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi

Nowadays, the business activities are not confined to physical stores. They are taking place at the global level. With the rapid development in the field of web technologies, more people are adapting to online purchase. This scenario has lead the merchants to sell online through ecommerce websites. One cannot deny the fact that flexibility is involved in the online purchase. So, selling online is definitely considered as a better option to make the reach to the targeted audience.

The competition is tough and every merchant is thinking of how to improve the online sales. If we closely comprehend the ecommerce website designing than only we can know how to get an edge over the competitors in online sales. There are several free CMS available online through which you can have your online store. But having a live store cannot guarantee you sales. Your online store needs to be designed and developed while keeping certain things in mind. We are discussing few points which will help in boosting your online sales.

Your landing page plays a key role in the generation of sales. When your visitor comes to your website, then it is but obvious that (s)he is looking for some item to buy. So, your landing page must contain those items. What exactly this means? It means that your landing page must be precisely designed so that your visitors should not waste time in searching the relevant product. The page should contain your items along with the other relevant information. In case, your visitor doesn’t find relevant product than he/ she will definitely navigate to some other website.

What are the necessary things which your landing page must contain? Your landing page must be designed precisely according to your business. A better option is to use infographics. The infographics make direct impact on the mind of the visitors which eventually enhances the probability of the conversion. The banners should be employed with the catchy taglines. They must manifest your business objective.

Another thing which a designer should keep in mind is that avoid too many links on the menu bar or side bar. Too many links may confuse the visitor. It is recommended that you should provide a proper navigation so that your visitor can easily move from one web page to another.   

Don’t forget the rule of putting important things “above the fold”. Your business objective, call to action button and other important things should be placed in the upper portion of the web page. Your visitor should get clear idea what (s)he needs to do after coming to the website.

Don’t forget that “content is the king”. According to latest statistics more than 70 percent of ecommerce websites don’t have any product description except price and product name. There are huge number of buyers who prefer to know complete details of the product prior to buying. So, it is recommended that you should provide unique product description. Moreover, it would be great if you provide images of single product from different viewpoints. These are few points which will definitely help in improving the conversion rate, thus enhancing your online sales. 

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