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Guidelines To Design A Website

Apr 11, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in Delhi

We all must be aware of the fact that website is nothing but an online portfolio of our brand. If we portray our products/ services in an impressive manner, then only we are able to generate online revenue. The logic behind this is that people perform the call to action or make purchases if they find anything impressive as a matter of fact most often in the case of a website. A result oriented web can only be designed by thorough planning. Without proper planning, you cannot achieve your objectives. Same is the case with the web. Let me discuss, few points which you should care of while designing a website.

What Is the Real Purpose of Website?

Before starting the web designing phase, you must be fully aware of what is the main motive behind the creation of the website. For example, if you client wants E-Commerce Website, then certainly the main purpose is revenue generation. If a service provider is looking for a website, then surely, he/ she wants to manifest his/ her services to the targeted audience. In both the cases, the motive is revenue generation. The same is true for 90 percent of cases.

What Your Client Is Expecting from you in regards to Functioning of Web?

Functionality is considered as the most important aspect of web creation. It is the expectation of every client that his/ her website provides amazing browsing experience to the users. But most of the clients are unaware of this thing on a practical level. They know that they need functionality but they don’t know how. As a trusted Web Designing Company, you should be pro-active in this and provide your client with the highly functional website. If you are designing e-commerce website then provide flexibility to your client in managing the content of the website. Also, provides an interactive interface for the user.


The infographics play a crucial role in making website amazing, look-wise & feel wise. You should be very well aware of the theme of the website, business of the client & purpose. These things will help in selecting the best videos, images, and animations. These effects help in making your website more engaging.  

Website Designing Company Delhi – SAM Web Studio considers all these points while designing a website. We are specialized in eCommerce website designing. You should contact us to get your dream website. We cater every industry and every client. Whatever may be your budget, you should consult us. 

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