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How Functionality Influence The Performance of The E-Commerce Websites

Jan 28, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

Online Store: This page contains the products which you are selling. Using this page, the buyers get the chance to have a look on different products which are available for sale. This page is beautifully decorated with the images of the products along with their features and prices.

Filter: Most of the e-commerce websites contain huge array of products. The product filter helps in searching the desired product out of different available items. It is definitely a tough task to find the desired product in the hundreds of available options. The filters help in searching the desired product. The filters can be of different types. For example, the filtering can be done on the basis of item category, price, etc.

Registration/ Login Page: This page is used to create the account of the new user or to provide sign in option to the existing user. This page helps in keeping the record of the buyer in the form of attributes like name, address, age, email, etc.

Payment gateway: In the ecommerce websites, most of the purchase is performed using internet banking, debit/ credit card, e-wallets, etc. This gateway makes these transactions possible. After the purchase, this navigation helps in the payment of the bills.

Newsletter Subscription: This is another very important feature of ecommerce website. Using this option, you have the flexibility to send discount coupons, offers, and deals to your subscribers.

These are must to have features in the online store. While doing e-commerce web development, the programmers should try to power the websites with such features as they will help in offering amazing browsing experience.

From where to get affordable e-commerce web solution?

This is certainly a very interesting question. Though there are plenty of options available, but SAM Web Studio is definitely the best option to trust. Reason, it is award winning Ecommerce Web Development Company in India.

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