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Reasons on Why Magento Is A Preferred Choice Among All Online Businesses Today

Jan 26, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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Why Magento Is Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms? 

User Friendly: It is extremely user friendly with surprising options that helps the users to create accounts, a wish list, the status of the current shopping order, track order history as well as to participate in discussion boards and customer survey to raise service requests through forms. Apart from this, they can also choose the language and currency as per their choice.

Management : It enables one platform for many stores. In the past, multiple store management has been very time consuming, tedious and boring. But, with the evolution of Magento, exclusive catalogue can be created for each online store.

Website Administration: Website administration has become very easier than other e-commerce platforms as Magento has the facility of reporting. Detailed report has helped the businesses in strategizing and taking major decisions about their investments as well as about their future plans.

Features: Multiple e-commerce platforms available in the market, but Magento top the record because it is a powerful and intuitive platform to present your products and Creates the product catalog and managing it is very easy. Moreover, your products are viewed by the site visitors on a wide range since it enables to upload multiple images for the same product. The users can create a wish list that allows them to be notified to come back later when the product is available. Besides, Magento allows browsing of the catalog, filtering and comparing of products, updating the details of the product using a batch update and adding new products. Magento ecommerce development solutions are developed as per business requirements and this has proven to be a great measure to meet the needs of businesses.

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