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How Important Is Colour In Web Designing

Feb 8, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

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Undoubtedly, colour is very important element in web designing. The correct colour combination is instrumental to the success of a website as it contributes significantly towards getting the viewers. It plays a very important role as it helps in creating ideas, convey messages, and enhance the interest of the viewers. Colours also contribute in the decision making of the buyers, when they come to your website. Choosing right colour combination is desirable. How to select the colour pattern?

Match The Colour To Your Product/ Services

It is recommended to use colour which matches the products or services. For example, if your product is related to environment, then the most appropriate colour would be green. It is not advisable to use red or any of the other colours. They will offer mismatch. So, select the one which remain in sync with products and services.

Keep Your Targeted Audience in Mind

The colours which are loved by teens are quite different from the elderly people. It is better to select the colour patterns while keeping in mind your targeted audience. If major portion of your audience consists of teens, then select colour according to them.

Text Colour

While picking up the colour don’t play with the readability of the website. Choose the text colour which makes it easier to read the text on the website. The readability also contributes towards the sales generation. So, avoid to spoil the readability of the website.

Avoid Colour Riot

It is recommended not to use too many colours as they will create confusion. Just stick to few colours which are much needed in order to maximize your conversion.

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