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How To Make Website More Engaging

Feb 15, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   WEBSITE DESIGN

Website Designing Company in India

Doing business without a website is almost an impossible task for now. Having an online portfolio is a need of an hour as most of the people prefer to use your website to gather information about your products and services. Having a web alone can’t guarantee you conversion. There are various factors which help in converting your web into revenue generating machine. Let me discuss few of them.

Theme/ Template: While selecting a theme, it should be kept in mind what business you are doing. The theme or the template used need to be in sync with your business. For instance, if you are selecting a template for ecommerce website of apparels then it should contain a very good colour scheme. If you are designing a website for industrial products then the simple and plain template will do the job.

Colours & Patterns: It is very important that colours and patterns of your website should match your business. For example, if you are looking to sell outfits online then you should have your web, designed in beautiful colour combinations. This will help in providing amazing experience to your visitors. If you are selling other stuffs like grocery or stationery, then single colour pattern will do the job. In both of the cases, visitors come to your website with different mind-set. The colourful web of apparels will surely have a positive impact on the mind of visitors which eventually results in conversion. In case of utility items, the visitors will come with an idea to buy products instantly. In this, colour scheme becomes less important.

Navigation: It is necessary to have a proper navigation in the website. The reason behind this is that your visitors don’t have much time. If you don’t provide them clear navigation then they will surely move to some other website. In order to provide proper navigation you must keep certain things in mind. The most important is that don’t give to many links in the menu bar or in the side bar. Try to give few important links to the visitors so that they can easily move from one webpage to another. Avoid putting unnecessary links as the visitors get confused with this.  

Call to Action: Give clear call to action in the website. If you have simple dynamic website, then try to give call to action button or enquiry form above the fold. In case, you are having ecommerce website, the “add to cart” button should be provided in a clear manner. In a nutshell, at a very first note, your visitors should know what to do after coming to your website.

These are few points which will help in converting your website into revenue generating machine.

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