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Key Factors Which Influence Lead Generation in Ecommerce Website

Mar 28, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   ECOMMERCE SOLUTION

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Undoubtedly, it is the age of internet technology. The ways of doing shopping and purchasing things have also changed. But the real question is a simple e-commerce website is enough to generate sales. The answer is a simple website can generate sales but it is mandatory that it contains certain attributes. Without these features, it is not possible to generate online leads. Let us discuss these factors comprehensively.   

Above The Fold Design: Above the fold, design has a very crucial impact on the visitor. If the design is good, then it will affect the mind of the visitor in a positive manner. What are the most crucial elements in this? The most crucial element of your web page is your business objective. The visitor should have a clear idea about your business when (s)he visits your website. Your website or online store provides clear notion to visitors about what to do after visiting your web.

Call To Action Button: Your website should contain a call to action through which visitor can easily make the purchase. Moreover, the “add to cart button” or the purchase process should remain free from any complexity. What does this mean? It means that there should not be anything fancy which stops the visitor to become the potential buyer. For an instant, in some of the websites, registration is mandatory to make the purchase. But you can also provide the option of making the purchase without registration.  

Easy To Use Filters: An Ecommerce website contains the wide range of products. It is absolutely impossible for the visitors to browse each category. So, it is mandatory to provide highly functional filters so that visitors can easily browse the preferred category. If it doesn’t happen, then they will certainly navigate to some other website.

Avoid Registration to Browse Products: There are certain websites which want their visitors to register first before going through the catalog. Avoid such practice and give free access to visitors to browse product catalog. This will help the chances of online lead generation.   

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