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Tips On How To Generate More Visits On YouTube

Apr 22, 2017   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Generate More Visits On YouTube

How to get more visits on YouTube? We all know that YouTube acquired by Google, but most of the people don’t know the secret behind why Google acquired it. It is because YouTube is the second choice as the largest search engine. Unfortunately, they don't optimize YouTube video’s for SEO purpose as they are only focusing on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other such search engines.

Youth’s Next Choice is YouTube:

This is because of a simple mantra that is “More Visitors-More Business”. Recently “The Future” IT company did a survey of 4,014 teenage and found that 50% new generation bother with Facebook and they decide to switch to YouTube, while 45.2 % still using FB.

If your video is not getting more hit, then you have to think again about extraordinary strategies, for example, use of keyword not only in video title but in the description as well to make YouTube SEO Friendly. Besides, place the main Keyword in Tag also as it is clever trick used by most of the SEO experts. YouTube allows users to add tags but limited so use only most appropriate or better ranking keywords in the tag.

Although the attractive video is key, the unique & relevant content is king. Therefore, always upload attractive unique and relevant video. Actually visual content catches easily, and memorable to longer time in comparison to the plain text. People are now more intelligent so they don’t want to waste time in reading content line by line instead they prefer to view multimedia content.

YouTube – What Is The Secret Behind Popularity

Although there are other videos sharing sites on the internet and some of them have gained huge popularity such as MetaCafe, Yahoo video or Viddler, but what are the reasons that people love to YT and make the cyber world’s number one video networking sites in a short time. Nobody knows that what exact mantra YT using so what if Google, but the success recipe owns it is hidden in a strong lock.

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Make Money on YouTube

Actually Google also a contestant of money making game and the YouTube is the sharp tools for this purpose. According to SEO big bosses, millions of new videos uploaded every hour even in less time, that make YT in the world’s most visited the website.

Free use is another cause so that most of the people like spending time On YT or using it for promotion or personal use, and making money without investing a single penny.

More organization or industries are using this site to promote their Product or any event. However, most of the businesses have their own official channel on Youtube.com for uploaded training program or Tutorial, but also uploading official tour or event videos on YouTube.

How To Upload Video On YouTube.Com

Do not know how to upload a video on YT? Don’t worry; the process is very simple, user-friendly and step-by-step. You have to register yourself on YouTube or can access your Gmail id, and then click on the upload video button.

YouTube support most of the major video format and can use any device to shoot your video, even a cell phone or webcam also an option, after record for giving final touch you need for video editor software that can be downloaded from the internet without paying any Charges.

So, finally you are ready to upload, but keep in mind before uploading videos that the video quality must be excellent as it plays an important role in attracting visitors. Hope so you know now the secret how to do on YT.

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