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Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2021

May 25, 2021   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2021

We are covered with technology whether we talk about the computer system or the software we use to develop websites or web applications.

For sure, you have got it that today we will talk about something related to computer or website development. Today we will talk about the JavaScript framework, a technology that offers advanced tools to develop websites and web applications.

If you are not known with the JavaScript or PHP Framework, this blog will help you to clear most of the doubts related JS framework.

Different types of JavaScript frameworks have their own aspects and philosophy on how you should develop a website or web application. If you are planning to enter the world of JavaScript, you need some sort of knowledge for a better start and this blog will help you in doing that.

There are three options available-

  1. Angular JS
  2. React JS
  3. Vue JS

All three options are available in the market and you can go with what suits the requirements of the client and their business. 

But still, we all got confused when options are there. This blog is to clear all the confusions for you and help you in starting with the best JavaScript framework.

Angular JavaScript Framework

Angular JS framework was developed and introduced by Google in 2010. It is the oldest JS framework that developers got. It was launched as a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework in the industry and build with the model-view-controller concept.

After some time, Angular JS started launching its new versions such as Angular JS 2 in 2016 and Angular 2+ (also known as Angular). Angular JS's oldest model is still getting updates but the latest one is Angular 11 that was released in last of 2020.

It becomes popular very soon and taken place in the market globally. If you will search of the Angular JS development company on Google, you will get an idea of the popularity of the Angular JS framework.

Pros of Angular JS

  • Two way Data Binding

Angular JS framework offers convenient & much faster data binding than others. The changes you made to view displays on the model at the exact time you made it and all this happen because of two way data binding.

  • Directive Feature

It helps in activating the HTML extension and allows the developer to assign special behavior to the DOM by permitting engineers in order to add great content with HTML.

  • Dependency Injection

Dependency means and shows how the different codes interact with each other. Also, it shows how the change in one component impacts the other ones.

  • Community Support

Angular JS framework is great in work and also in support as they provide strong training material to learn and use it. It also allows you to use third party tools in order to provide a better solution to the issues that arise while working on it.

Cons of Angular JS

  • Learn MVC

If you are not familiar with the Model-view-controller, learning and using Angular JS would be very time consuming for you.

  • Time Consuming

Features like directives, dependency injection, factories, etc, can create problems for the new users and it will take time to understand them properly.

  • Issue with Scope

While handling scopes, you can get problems while doing it the first time as they are layered and arranged hierarchically. Debugging the scopes cab be time consuming for the more traditional developers.


React JavaScript

React JavaScript is developed and initially launched by Facebook in 2013. React JS is used in Facebook’s every product such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. React JS has got its last update in 2020 (17.X stable version).

React JavaScript is a widely and highly used one source framework that developers around the world use to develop amazing and highly effective web applications with minimal effort and coding. Mainly it is used by the developers who want to build UI that improves the speed of the web app.

React JS framework is also described as JavaScript library, which means the developer has to apply library codes in individual instances that call for it.

Like the angular JS framework and React JS library, the Vue JS framework also has pros and some cons too. Let’s see them and let you know if this is the JavaScript that will help you in completing your project or not.

Although, there are lots of Web Development Companyin Delhi work around the globe that offers professional services and develop web applications and websites according to the requirements.

Pros of React JS

  • Easy to Learn and Execute

React JS is very easy to learn and not much time-consuming because it comes with a great piece of documentation, tutorials, and training resources. A developer with JavaScript experience or background can understand and use React JS without taking lots of time giving in learning the framework.

  • Best for Creating Dynamic Web Apps

Creating dynamic web apps with HTML strings is time consuming and requires complex coding. With React JS you can easily create dynamic web applications as it provides less coding but a bucket full of functionality. React JS library also supports the building of machine- readable codes.

  • Multiple reusable components

Web application developed with the React JS is made of multiple components and each one of them has its own control out there. Components that are used are responsible for outputting a small and reusable piece of HTML code that you can reuse wherever and whenever needed. These codes will become very helpful in order to make your app or website easy to develop and maintain.

  • Performance

React JS brings virtual DOM in order to boost performance while developing. DOM is known for the cross-platform and programming API that deals with the HTML, XML, & XHTML. When DOM gets updated, many developers face the problem of slowing down the application performance but with the help of React JS, this problem has been solved with the help of virtual DM.

Cons of React JS

  • Continuous updates

Updates are important but the developers who don’t like to relearn things and the new ways to do the work and will become a very complex situation for them to adopt changes with frequent updates.

  • JSX barrier

JSX in React JS is a syntax extension that offers developers to mix HTML with JavaScript together. But JSX is a barrier according to the development community, especially for the newcomers as they have complained about its complexity in the learning curve.

  • Not a Complete Package

The developers have to choose other technologies to get the complete tolling set for development work as React JS only covers the UI layer of the app.


Vue JS framework

Vue.js was launched in 2014 and developed by Evan You (ex-Google employee). It becomes popular in the website development industry even though it doesn’t have the back of a very large company in the market. The latest version of Vue JS, many web designing company are using is 3.0 that was released in September 2020.

Vue is very much similar to the Angular JavaScript framework but lighter in nature. If you have used Angular before, you will feel the features and work of Vue JS is similar to Angular.

Talking more about Vue, UI and behavior are part of components. Because of the highly customizable nature, it allows developers to combine UI and behavior of components from within a script. Vue is mostly used to build web interfaces and one page web applications projects. Vue JS framework’s architecture exactly matches the traditional MVC (model-view-controller).

Pros of Vue JS

  • Size

Vue.js is smaller in size (around 18 KB of zip file) and as a result, downloading and installing is a work of minutes. According to some developer’s analysis& reviews, Vue JS impacts SEO and UX positively.

  • Two Way Data Binding

As we have seen the benefits of two-way data binding in Angular session, Vue JS also has this benefit. It means the connection between the model data updates and UI. Two-way data binding also helps in updating related components and tracking the data updates.

  • Easy to Learn

A tool can reach the audience when it’s not complex. Vue JS is very easy to learn, understand, and use as a developer doesn’t need any special or deep library, JSX, and Typescript Knowledge.

  • Brief Documentation

Whether you are new to framework and JavaScript or you are an experienced tech master and searching for a solution to the problem, Vue JS documentation will help you really well to understand. The Vue JS documentation covers all the information and parts of the structure that anyone needs while using it.

Cons of Vue JS

  • Barrier to Language

When enterprises such as Xiaomi and Alibaba helped Vue in popularizing the framework as a result, surprisingly the demand increases in the labor market. Vue gets very popular in China, some part of the content and discussions available there is in the Chinese language. So, if you will search for the Vue JS content such as forum discussions, plugin discussions, and other related instructions, you will see them written in the Chinese language.

  • Lack of Support

As mentioned above, Vue.js is not backed up by the bigger company. The support and help team can’t be compared with other JavaScript frameworks. Vue is used in smaller projects more as compare to the bigger ones.

  • Resources are Limited

There are all the required and good tools are available to start developing with the Vue JS but it is not still that big like React and Angular JavaScript. There is a very huge difference in the plugins available in Vue, around less than a hundred as compared to React & Angular.


This debate of Angular vs. React vs. Vue shows that every one of them has some different features and is used to perform different works. They also have some little similarities. Each one of them has its own pros and cons but all of that s based on the type of project and requirements you are going to work on. By keeping your inputs and requirements in mind, you can choose one of them.

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