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Great Secrets Of Successful Viral Video Marketing

Oct 27, 2017   Satish Chandra   DIGITAL MARKETING

Great Secrets Of Successful Viral Video Marketing

A viral video becomes extremely popular through Internet sharing, typically through social media channels, video sharing websites, and email. Additionally, they have characteristics of being relevant, compelling and of course timely, yet the videos still don’t go viral sometimes when we apply these rules. There is no secret formula to making a video viral, but there are some great ways you can market your video to provide it what it needs to go viral.

In this post, I am going to explain some ways to make your video go viral. But, before that going to tell you some special things about viral video marketing. It Keeps working for you, 24/7, High Share Factor, Worldwide reach and Totally mobile.

Make It Unique

Make It Unique

You want to blow the minds of people with fun and things they have never heard of before and inspire your viewers with something real. Be creative, because most of the best-liked videos on youtube are new in some way. When you upload your YouTube video, don’t give them generic titles, but give them great and catchy titles that will catch your viewers’ attention.

Make it Shareable

Make it Shareable

Keep in mind that including sharing links in your videos isn’t enough, but you have to make people want to share it. Funny videos, reach the broadest audience. For example: “Gangnam Style” had no commercial purpose, but still had billions of viewers. Apart from this, shareable content is the measurable like the old-fashioned word of mouth, comments, social media thumbs up and shares, blog mentions can all be tracked. Boldly share your content with pop stars and social influencers because it’s free to try and you’re well on your way to viral if they click share. There are 3 core principles to creating that emotional connection that leads to sharing- 1 ) Don't waste our time, 2) Be true and 3 ) Be unforgettable.

Provide Viewers Something To Search

Provide Viewers Something to Search

Ensure that your company has a YouTube channel, so irrespective of what videos you post, people go right on back to your YouTube Channel and sooner or later the homepage or sales page of your product and service. Whenever you put together any type of marketing campaign, you must be thinking about keywords and powerful headlines, which is surely the case with trying to create a viral video. Make your title catchy and concise. Videos are ranked highly by search engines and Google owns YouTube, so make sure your front load those keywords that make your SEO shine and provide value. Also, ensure your video’s headline is attention-getting and grabbing, making people just die to click.

Provide Viewers Something To Do

It’s very vital you push them to move. Also, conclude your video with some type of call to action. Invite viewers to sign up for your product and service, make a purchase, redirect to your webpage and share it on social media sites or with their friends. You need to plan your viral video marketing really well. Not all videos happen to get viral automatically. A strong base of social follows is the key reason behind most of the marketing video that goes viral.


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