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How To Write Killer Content To Improve Business Sales

Jan 11, 2018   Saurabh Yadav   DIGITAL MARKETING

Content Marketing

The time has gone when “content” was the only one form of communication used by marketers to sell products and services and get online buyers. However, today there are uncounted ways, including interactive mobile applications, advertising, marketing and pay-per-click online advertising to sell products and push services, but the oldest form that is “Content Marketing” still exists, and plays a significant role in increasing sales, and is saving both salespeople time and money as well as bringing quality leads.

If you want to create an aggressive blog on the Internet, then you have to write remarkable content for your audience as the content is not about just writing that is of value, but also about knowing that what people want. Remember, good content on any website is a vital factor in gaining trust and credibility from online users that visit your website.

Never, compromise on quality, either on the quality of product or content since if the buyer loses the trust, then your business can be collapsed just like a pack of cards. Don’t forget the important business rule that if you will not take care of your customer, then your competitor will take care.

Points You Must Consider While Writing Killer Content:

1Before Start Writing Know Your Target Audience

You cannot be everything for everyone so that the most valuable method to approach contact strategy is delivering what your audience or customer wants or desires. Therefore, always come up with new and innovative ideas for content writing so that your audience will love to read that.

Be active on social networking sites as millions of users on these sites such Facebook, Twitter, etc talk about various topics every day. You can take benefits of this topic by writing content on them. You can also ask people what type of content they want to see or read. Remember, knowing your audiences is key to increase your business sales as well as the marketing success.

2. Include Meta Tags in Your Content

Do you know more than 75% online proceedings begin with a search query or question? When any visitor browses search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, then the visitor will type certain keywords that he is looking for. If the visitor comes to your site from search results and doesn't find these types certain keywords in your content, he will instantly click back button.

Meta tags in any content indicate the use of bullet points, image description, headings, and subheadings. In reverse, if he finds out what he is searching for in your content, he will surely read complete content or blog of your copy, as a result, the chances of converting the visitor into customer high.

3. Break the Content

It can make your content too lengthy or complicated for reading if you write a complete story on one page because readers do not like to go through an overlong content in the first look while readers will read the complete copy of your content if they like it. There is more than 75% chance that the reader will come back to your site if he likes your content.

Therefore, it is really good to break the content by adding links within content as well as make your content interesting for readers by adding images and videos in almost every post so that the readers cannot stop him to read linked content also. Whenever the reader wants to buy something online than he will surely first come to your site.

4. Unique and High-Quality Content

It is the most important factor to consider in aggressive content writing. Remember, Good content and unique content both are different things. A content that is not only good but also unique can do wonders in getting your website ranking in search engines.

Higher Quality Unique Content = Higher Search Engine Rankings

Always create a content that stands out from the crowd, but if your content is not unique, then no readers will read it as the information is available in other places.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team said, " Google guidance to webmasters is the same, and we encourage original, high-quality content because that is best for Web users". Google guidance to webmasters is the same, and we encourage original, high-quality content because that is best for Web users". High-quality content can increase high-quality leads for your company.

5. Write Content with Clarity

Most of the writer and bloggers write content without clarity. When any writer picks a hot latest topic or subject to write about, but if the copy of the content cannot keep site visitors for a long time, then it will send bad signals to search engines. You know about the SEO term Bounce Rate that measures how many visitors jump off your site promptly. Therefore, if your content misses the main point or message, then readers will surely jump off your site as soon as possible.

Most of the bloggers think that a blog that contains 500 to 700 words is a good blog, which is not true as it is not about words, but about the message or point you are giving to readers. Your content clearly gets the point out in the words it required.

6. Content optimization is key for Website

Optimization of content is one of the foremost vital factors in getting high ranking in major search engines for your site, and it is the content that will sell products and services of your company as well as make known visitors of your sites that what products and services then you offer through your site. We cannot neglect the fact that content is king and always will be king.

The makeup or presentation of your content is the word that readers notice in your content. Some of the bloggers that are hugely popular in a world focused on creating killer content. Therefore, take proper time in creating killer content for your website, and it will work for you for a long time. Website content optimization is especially necessary for landing pages that include information about other content pieces.

7. Others Points

Besides these points, there are many other important points you must consider for making your content killer, and some of them include Review and update content, Understanding Pageant and Friendly and conversational content.

Summary: Great Content Builds Trust, invites Readers into the Tribe, gets easily found and quickly shared.  For increasing business sales, website content plays aim imperative role because buyers read the content before purchasing any product. If you have any idea on how to write aggressive content for increasing sales, and then tell us by commenting on this post. Contact SAM Web Studio to discuss what’s right for you.

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