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Top Five SEO Trends for 2017

Sep 2, 2017   Bhawna Yadav   DIGITAL MARKETING

Top Five SEO Trends for 2017

There are lots of opinions or views of experts on the future of SEO (search engine optimization) as well as increasing the visibility or ranking of a website on search engines. This is because Google has been stiffening the rope around the neck of webmasters for the past 2.5 years. Google has restricted and removed more SEO channels such as keyword data, blog comments, profile link, article marketing, forum signatures and press releases, which are down recently shut. Therefore, it is clear that the leading search engine (Google) mainly focusing on eliminating spam as well as enhancing the user experience through better and original or unique content

Experts are saying that site quality and link relevancy will play a key role in SEO in the next 12 months. But, the big question is what will SEO look like in the coming year 2017? The best way to find out the answer is to look at the Google’s recent algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, and then guess what these updates will look like in 2016. But, we are going to reveal top 5 SEO trends of 2017 that are given below:

Again Content Will Be King

One of the biggest SEO concerns for 2017 is the content or semantic search. The main purpose of the Google Hummingbird Update is Original and unique content for better SEO. Google wants to provide more relevant and original data or content to users. The search engine emphasizes that users are searching or looking with more semantic search, and Hummingbird is capable to sort out the better. Therefore, for content it is recommended to focus on the quality of the content over quantity, and always writes content that is particularly helpful for the target audience.

Better quality content posts have been getting more attention for long times, and will continue in 2016 and the coming year as well. Those webmasters who have been posting posts that are not proving the value to users or viewers have nothing to worry about that, but they have to more focus their efforts on giving high-quality content in the future.

Guest Posting Rules Will Change

One of the most popular ways to reach out to new users and building links is guest posting. We can cultivate relationships with other people of a same field as well as get our materials such as content, in front of the audiences.  It is important to focus on the quality of the site where you are going to post your content. Remember, there are two most important components that measure quality are the Page Rank and Domain authority. Another major thing that should be considered includes social shares, links from other high-quality sites, engaged audience, etc.

However, if you are posting your content as well as linking to irrelevant sites, which have nothing to do with your content, then you are going to be rebuked by Google and other search engines. Revise the rules of the guest posting, if post content anywhere you can is the part of your strategy.

Websites To Be Mobile Friendly With Great Design

At present, India has more than 550 million mobile users and out of them over 370 million are mobile Internet users. Therefore, it has been clear that a huge part of the Internet activity is coming from the cell phones. Business sites that are mobile friendly getting high ranking because these sites take less time in loading, and mobile Internet users love to open these sites in comparison to unresponsive or sites who takes more time in loading the pages.

Website loading time is becoming more significant today since most of the internet users expect faster speeds, and have less patience. Remember, irritation over slow sites leads to a bad user experience. Website load speed is one of the growing elements in the ranking algorithm of Google,

However, site design is the main piece of the mobile user experience, and high-quality design always helps in overcoming the trust barriers trust on your, which arise when mobile Internet users visit your business site. If your site design is great with professional look, then users will believe that your business, and give you both of their time and money.

Social Media

Social Media Continues Matters

Social media is playing a key role in 2016 and is going to play a vital role in 2017 as well. Inbound links, (Links from other sites to your site) were one of the important factors behind a website’s visibility, but now inbound links are starting to be replaced by social signals or links. Google Plus introduced by Google two years ago was simple to look that social signals were turning out to be more important to search.

Do you know Google's algorithms like Penguin, and Hummingbird have already started to take social media profiles on various social sites such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Space and Yahoo into concern? So, it is quite sure that in 2017, these algorithms are going to become more intelligent as well as “socially sensitive. Therefore, major social activities’, including posts, likes, followers, comments, and shares will play an extremely important role in search engine ranking.

Anchor Texts Will Be More Important

We know that External and Internal links are always used as an excellent tool for increasing both SEO and user experience. Misleading anchor texts are one thing that search engines hated about. So, Google is going to provide punishments for anchor texts that are deceptive. However, every webmaster wants to keep them because it attracts visitors to click on a page that benefits you. If you do this then, get ready for punishment as well. By doing this, webmasters will not only get penalized, but are going to lose their existing customers as well. Therefore, always stay away from any type of misleading anchor texts or bad links.

If there are any other critical trends in your mind, then let us share with us by commenting on this post.

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