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10 Best SEO Plugins and tools for WordPress Websites in 2018

Oct 24, 2018   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

10 Best SEO Plugins and tools for WordPress Websites in 2018

To make the life easy with WordPress, there are several Best SEO Plugins available online. In order to have a great experience with WordPress, these SEO Plugins and tools are very important to have. So, let’s have a look at some of the Best Wordpress SEO Plugins and tools which are very commonly used and are effective as well.

The Best SEO Plugins and tools for WordPress Website


1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin


Wherever you go and search, Yoast is one of the Best Wordpress SEO Plugins that you will find in the list. Yoast has the ability to provide different ways through which you can fulfill all your SEO needs.


Yoast SEO Test


  • It allows setting the preferred sitemap, page title, Meta description, and the URL.
  • It has the power to link the site with Google Webmaster console for the task of verification.
  • This Best SEO Plugins and tool offers full SEO page analysis and provides the scoring to the page based on some of the focus keywords.
  • On the basis of color indicators, you can identify the page is SEO optimized or not.
  • This plugin is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress. The premium version can be taken from the official website of Yoast.


2.     SEO Ultimate

This is another name in the list of Best SEO Plugins and tools which is free to use and can be downloaded from a repository of WordPress. It is used for the task of complete on-page Search Engine Optimisation.

  • There is a tag rewriter feature that helps in editing the title posts and helps in higher SEO ranking.
  • You can add a Meta description of your posts, attachments, categories, and tags etc.
  • There is a feature of internal linking through which you can create deep links.
  • You can create open graph data, homepages, user profiles etc with the help of open graph feature.


3.     The SEO framework


The SEO framework


This is a free SEO plugin which has the ability to provide automatic SEO solution that is best for any WordPress site. To look for a reliable SEO solution, this is one of the Best SEO Plugins and tools.

  • This plugin has the feature of supporting bbPress, and WooCommerce etc.
  • There is a provision SEO solution which is beginner friendly.
  • In order to prevent duplicate content, it creates canonical URL with full domain mapping.
  • You can create open graph images according to the requirements of the users.


4.     SEO Squirrly


SEO Squirrly

Another name in the list of Best SEO Plugins and tools is SEO Squirrly. This tool is actually for the beginners who do not have much knowledge about the SEO. You can create high-quality content with this plugin which is user-friendly.

  • You can get copyright free images with this plugin.
  • With just a few clicks, you can focus on the e-commerce SEO strategy.
  • You can decide how your website will look on Google with the help of JSON-LD structure and the snippet of squirrly.
  • You will get email alerts in case any attention is required on the site.


5.     WP Smush image compression and optimization


WP Smush image compression and optimization


WP Smush, with this plugin, you can compress and enhance your images. This plugin has been tested for its quality and speed and is considered the best. You can set a maximum height and width in order to scale down the images.

  • This plugin is compatible with all plugins of the media library
  • Prior to including the images in the media library, you can choose height and width.
  • The procedure is used for compression is innovative lossless compression.
  • For each attachment, you can see innovative compression statistics.


6.     Broken link checker


Broken link checker


This WordPress plugin helps to check any of the broken links on the blog or the website. If it finds any, you get a quick notification. Once installed, this plugin will start the task by analyzing the post and other website content to get links. Then it checks if all the links are working properly.

  • Along with broken links, this plugin helps to detect the missing images, redirects, and links that are not working.
  • You will get an email or a notification on the dashboard in case of any findings.
  • It prevents the search engine to follow any of the broken links.
  • From the plugin page, the broken links can be directly edited.


7.     WordPress Ping Optimizer


WordPress Ping Optimizer


Whenever a new post is published on the website, WordPress has an internal feature of service ping. The services that have to ping can be added in the dashboard on the setting page.

  • This optimizer helps in preventing the blog from getting marked as a ping spammer.
  • The blogs on WordPress pings each time you click on the save button etc. this type of pinging is prevented.


8.     WooCommerce


WooCommerce Best Wordpress SEO Tool


This is an all in one SEO pack which is one of the Best SEO Plugins and tools. You will be able to see an all in one SEO pack dialog box that appears on the edit products or ass products screen in WooCommerce.

  • This is a straightforward plugin
  • It is very easy and simple to use
  • You can edit and organize meta information of all in one SEO pack


9.     Simple 301 redirects


Simple 301 Redirects- Best SEO Tool


This is another Best SEO Plugin which is a free plugin. It is designed in order to provide you with some simple strategies of redirecting a request from one page to another page on the website.

  • You get an easier way to redirect the request to other pages.
  • You can set up 301 redirects from the older page to any new page.


10.  Rankie


Rankie- Best Wordpress Tool For SEO


Last but not least is Rankie which is also one of the Best SEO Plugins and tools. You can check the rank of your website on Google with the help of this plugin.

  • You can closely follow the position of the keyword.
  • The WordPress ranking can be tracked on Google with it.
  • You can download the reports in the PDF format. These reports provide the monthly as well as annual ranking.
  • This is also a keyword research tool that provides you with a long list of quality keywords.

These are some of the Best SEO Plugins and tools that can be used in the year 2018-19 for the WordPress E-commerce Websites.

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