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11 Foolproof ways to generate effective leads in 2022

Dec 14, 2021   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

11 Foolproof ways to generate effective leads in 2022

What is lead?

A lead is an individual or we can say a buyer/consumer who indicated an interest in your offered products and services. Buyers can show interest simply by downloading free info products, for example, subscribing to company's newsletter, ebook and enabling push notifications of a company. 

There are hundreds of ways a person can be a lead, then we will talk about them later in this post, so keep reading. 

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of converting your website visitors or strangers into leads. The lead generation process ends with an exchange we can say. Let's understand this by an example-

Suppose a website visitor gives you their email address and name to download one of your free info products mentioned above. They gave you their information and you gave them some educational content. You can use this valuable information for following up with a variety of email marketing messages. 

Why should you engage in lead generation?

The growth of any business mainly depends on its owner and employees whether they are able to attract new leads. Sometimes this happens naturally, but it needs that you invest both time and money into lead generation. Today, B2C lead generation services or B2B lead generationservices is very vital for many reasons. Some of the key ones are mentioned below:

  1. Works to lure new customers and clients
  2. Helps businesses qualify leads so they land their ideal customers and clients
  3. Established a consistent lead generation system
  4. Let's businesses grow and scale sustainably

Let's know about the effective lead generation procedure!

Apart from attracting new customers, businesses have to start a conversation and encourage potential customers to take their services and products into consideration. And, finally turn into a loyal customer. B2B sales lead generation consists of inbound and outbound techniques.

A typical inbound process can include:

  1. A user friendly and optimized business website
  2. Engaging, compelling and attractive web landing pages
  3. Great SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to rank higher in search results
  4. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns you start with Google ads
  5. Every YouTube video, Facebook live video you broadcast or Instagram story
  6. Every organic post published on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

An outbound lead generation process can include the following things:

  • Define a buyer's persona as an avatar of your ideal client
  • Identify decision making professionals within those businesses as your qualified leads.
  • Identify businesses and organizations that would benefit from your offered products and services.
  • Contract the leads via cold calls, direct messages, LinkedIn Inmail and so on.
  • Present you offer directly to your targeted customers and encourage them to sign up for a trial or book an initial call with your sales representative.

Keep in mind that the process of B2B lead generation can depend on your business and industry. 

11 Effective Ways to Generate Leads in 2022

If you are looking to boost lead generation we have mentioned top 11 proven techniques or ways to generate B2B sales leads in 2022:

1) List your Business on Directories

Every B2B company that is selling products and services must ensure they are listed in online directories. This is because it will help drive fresh leads to your business website who are looking for those products and services you offered too. 

Some of the online directories are GetApp, Software Advice, SaaS genius, Capterra and G2Crowd.

2) Increase your Website Traffic with SEO

You must use SEO to get your website to the top of the search result pages. Business owners want to make sure to target keywords online users enter to describe your products and services. Remember, setting up lead capturing on a web page will boost sales lead from search engine optimization.

To increase search engine rankings, you must work to build good backlinks simply by guest blogging in other ways. Must understand which business keywords are vital and target them with quality content.  Some of the good tools for optimizing your web SEO are SEO book, Google analytics, Moz, Google search console and Screaming frog.

If you need to Boost you website ranking in SERP? As a leading best SEO Company in Delhi, SAM Web Studio team will be happy to assist you to enhance your online presence.

3) Generate More Leads with Press Releases

Issuing press releases will help a business drive traffic to its website and generate more and more business sales. Some of the great business press release websites are Business Wire, PR NewsWire and Cision. 

4) Create Informative videos

We all know that videos are a very common medium for content marketing professionals because of their accessibility and convenience. You can start a YouTube channel with informative videos to generate fresh business leads online. 

5. Use Social Media Platforms For Lead Generation

Do you know more than 55% of internet users are on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? People use these platforms regularly and provide massive amount of data to the platforms according to their interest and behavior. This data much more valuable for generating leads/ sales from social media platforms.

Social Media Marketers can generate valuable social media leads by launching best offers, deals, sharing testimonials as social proof, creating targeted ads with great offers and hosting a virtual event.

6) Do not Forget to Comment on Trending Blogs

Remember, commenting on other blogs will help you in getting your name out there and ultimately generate leads. But, you must be generous with your comment and people will want to see your offerings.

7) Google Ads

Many business to business companies see great outcomes from Google ads. This is because it lets them reach potential buyers in search engines for the most competitive business keywords. PPC advertising is expensive and doing so can be the best way to break out in a saturated niche. 

8) Guest Posting

For lead generation, guest blogging is very helpful but only when some aspects are implemented rightly. For example-

  1. Articles have relevant information for the targeted customers.
  2. The blog post possesses unique information.
  3. The website you pick for blog posts is loved and liked by the audience.
  4. You promote the blog post to leverage social proof.
  5. You send your blog visitors back to an appropriate landing web page.

9) Always take benefits from participating in forums

The best place to get to know your customers intimately is forums. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to reach and contact them with great offers. So, you must be active on various forums and share your views with the members and answer their doubts.

10) Go for Quora

Quora, a question and answer based social networking platform has millions of people from various demographics posting questions regularly. So, if you answer questions of users, then they will spot your profile and visit your business site. 

11) Go for call to action (CTA)

Remember, the call to action is the final step your website visitors will cross prior to becoming a lead. It can be a button, a phrase or link, you have to make the CTA obvious.

Bonus Tip

Go for An email marketing automation

Businesses can start sending out some of the marketing emails once they start getting email subscribers and other soft leads who are interested in your offerings. You must provide your subscribers quality and informative content, great deals and call to actions (CTA's) that motivate site visitors to take action.

Get help with your sales lead generation from SAM Web Studio

If you are running a business, you may be willing to grow it and so you should go for one of the best lead generation services companies like SAM Web Studio. Generating new leads is not an easy job to do, so you need a leading digital marketing agency to help and support you. We can help you to grow your online business and ensures noticeable outcomes.

As one of the leading digital marketing company in Delhi, SAM Web Studio devises an effective digital marketing plan to help you reach your targeted customers and filter and qualify the generated fresh leads.

SAM Web Studio will take care of everything when it comes to lead generation. They have lead generation professionals who implement, monitor and optimize the campaigns to work to their 100% potential.

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