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Email Marketing Strategy and Tips to Drive Conversion

Sep 8, 2021   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Email Marketing Strategy and Tips to Drive Conversion

Many people say email marketing is dead or dying or even just a waste of time, don't believe them at all. The reality is that email marketing is not a waste of time but can be an incredibly effective strategy to increase brand loyalty and boost conversions. 

What is Email Marketing and it's Amazing Benefits?

It is an act of promotional message to targeted people or audiences in mass quantities. Email marketing is to generate leads and sales. Some of the key benefits of email marketing to online businesses are mentioned below. 

  • A great way to create community around your business brand
  • One of the best ways to get more traffic today
  • Helps online businesses get more leads and more sales.
  • A great way to reduce some of the risks related to SEO algorithms.

When online buyers are ready to buy something, then they look for emails from their favorite brands or stores. When someone wants to communicate something about their brand or sell their stuff, then email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do so.

That is why building a successful email marketing campaign has become more important today than ever. Not having an email strategy means you're missing out on huge sales opportunities.

Is Email Marketing Still Extremely Vital in 2021?

The simple answer of this question is big YES. Email marketing is not a new digital marketing strategy done by digital marketing company in India, but was one of the very first means of digital communication. Do you know email marketing is almost 50 years old as it arrived in 1971 and is more widely used today than ever?

Some of the facts about email marketing are listed below:

  • We send and receive over 307 billion emails everyday. This number continues to increase day by day.
  • Email marketing can produce about 40 times better results than social media marketing.
  • According to a study,for every $1 spent, emails have an average 38 dollars ROI (return on investment).
  • About 80% of US people check their email at least once per day while nearly 26 % of them check their personal email many times a day.
  • About 85% Business experts believe that this marketing increases customer retention.

Looking at these facts and figures, we can say that email is hailed as the most powerful and effective channel in Business to Business marketing (B2B) and Business to consumer (B2C) Marketing.

How does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is a very easy and simple process but requires a lot of A/B testing to find out how to best communicate with your subscribers in such a way that is beneficial for them as well as your business objectives and goals.

Here is a short overview of how email marketing works. Take a look!

  1. You need to sign up for an email marketing tool.
  2. Need to create an effective email marketing strategy
  3. Need to create and grow your email list
  4. Have to setup automation tasks
  5. Monitor and improve email marketing campaign performance through testing like A/B testing
  6. Clean up your email lists on a regular basis

Remember, email marketing can be very effective if you have a well planned strategy to increase your conversions.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips to Drive Conversions

Let's take a look at top 7 email marketing tips 2021 mentioned below.

1) Ensure your Campaign Optimized for Mobile Devices

Do you know that more than 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile phones today while desktop represents only 19% of all email opens? So, if your campaign is not optimized, you are going to lose more than 50% of your targeted customers.

Apart from this,text or content can become difficult to read plus things can be formatted incorrectly that makes an email look very unprofessional. But, responsive design can make it very easier to see.

2) Must Go for Creating Sales Funnel

Remember, asking your email recipient to sign up on the first go when he or she visits your site is not good. This is because when your subscribers visit your site after opening and reading your email, they may not be ready to sign up. So, you must provide them some good reasons as to why they should sign-up.

For example-Suppose, your email is regarding travel and tour package, then you can do a variety of things including:

  • Travel package discounts and offers for easy subscribers
  • Provide a travel itinerary to download
  • Highlight pictures of sightseeing places
  • Show reviews and testimonials of other clients
  • Provide them an option to modify the package or tour according to their taste

3) Use a Landing Page

Keep in mind that a good and effective email marketing campaign must be bonded with a landing page. It will vary for different sorts of emails. For attractive and fully responsive landing pages you can contact the best website designing company in India.

For example-Abandonment emails must lead the recipient to where he or she left the cart. Also, when he or she arrives at this landing page, it is clear what you can expect them to do. It will reduce the bounce rate significantly on the landing pages.

4) Tell an Engaging Story

Everyone does like a good story. So, if you want to engage your readers, open the email with a story. Today, storytelling has become a powerful marketing technique because well written narratives that resonate with readers.

Besides, it is a powerful way to get readers engaged in what you are saying means they will be more likely to read the thing you have sent them.

5) Go for Engaging Call To Action(CTA)

An email can also contain some different types of CTAs. Maybe you want your readers to click a link to a landing page or want them to reply to your email. Remember, whether you are using linked text, a button, or an image, ensure it is easy to spot plus enticing to follow.

CTAs can be like, “Buy Now, `Click here to get this now,” “Browse Catalog,” or “Get a free consultation.”

6) Must Segment Your Subscribers

Remember, segmenting helps you get better open and click rates. Suppose you have 500 people subscribed to your email list, and most of them have different interests and needs.

For example-if you have a marketing blog and collect mails. Some subscribers would be more interested in learning SEO (search engine optimization) than social media marketing while some interested in content marketing.

So, we can satisfy all the subscribers with a piece of content as they have different interests. Segmenting your emails makes it possible to keep your subscribers happy and satisfied.

7) Must Integrate Email and Social Media

Your email marketing campaign can be more powerful when you combine it with social media marketing. This is because most of your subscribers are on social media as well. 

Remember, people do not make purchasing decisions based on the information they get from a single Medium. But, they combine many different mediums like social-media plus emails plus reviews plus influencers plus blogs. If you are publishing on social channels like Facebook and Instagram, you must ask your subscribers to follow you there too.


Email marketing still works greatly as it remains the best and the most powerful medium to reach and connect with your targeted audience in a personal way. Including the above mentioned Marketing tactics in your 2021 Email Marketing Strategy will surely help you drive more conversion, increase sales and leads online.

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