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7 Quick SEO hacks to Boost Your SEO Ranking in 2021

Apr 21, 2021   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

7 Quick SEO hacks to Boost Your SEO Ranking in 2021

If you are running or planning to run an online business seamlessly, we assume that you know something about SEO or are likely been told to hire an SEO expert for successful marketing strategies.

For the newcomers, SEO (search engine optimization) can be named as a strategy or planning and executing of the process that helps in improving a website’s rank on the search engine result page when someone searches for any keyword. And why it is important?

Think once about what you do when you need any information about anything for example-

When you need to buy a TV but are confused in choosing between the options.

When you are looking for the "best ecommerce web development company" and want to know about it.

Yes, you go to the browser and search for it “Best LED TV Under 20,000” OR “Ecommerce Web Development Company”, etc.

Most of the time you open the links that show on the top and these results are based on what Google thinks would be the best options for you based on the phrase you entered in the search bar.

These sites are not on the top accidentally but they have used SEO to help Google in understanding what their content is and it is relevant to the user that entered the related keyword.

This process of letting know Google about your content needs a proper strategy, research, and knowledge of SEO.

If you are familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and want to learn something that can benefit your business, this is the place you will get quick SEO knowledge to boost your ranking.

But if you are not familiar with SEO, you can visit our other blogs to read the benefits of SEO to the online business, and then you will get to know that how you can boost your rankings with SEO.

Let’s begin the main thing, we are hitting the 7 quick SEO hacks to boost your SEO ranking in 2021.


7 crucial & advance SEO tips to boost ranking in 2021

These hacks and strategies will provide your business a better competitive edge and help you in getting in the top positions of SERP.

# Use SEO tools that are Free

# Write Evergreen/fresh Content

# Focus on Keyword Research

# Check Page Load Speed

# Use Long Tail Keywords in Blogs

# Image Optimization

# Choose Unique Titles and Meta Description


1) Use SEO Tools that are Free

Many startup owners or new business owners prefer to go for the paid tools and ignore the free ones. Don’t do that, always go for the free SEO tools available and you have to keep this thing in mind that you can do it for free where you pay.

So, there are lots of free SEO tools available that can help you in getting things done flawlessly.

There are tools available starting from the keyword finder & Google webmaster tool to Google Analytics for reports.

If you have started from WordPress, the Yoast SEO tool would be the best overall SEO suite that is very important and helpful. It monitors and gives you an overview of the posts and help you in fixing the things that are not optimized properly.


2) Write Evergreen/Fresh Content

One more easy and quick to understand SEO hack is to create evergreen/fresh content for your website. Also, you can update the old content for better results. Evergreen content stays relevant and useful to the users and they enjoy it while reading it every time.

Evergreen content means that stays informative and helpful for years, avoid adding trends or briefs that will expire later on. But some things expire with time, you cannot predict their expiry date.

Don’t worry about it, just go back to that content and update them with the new one in order to drive traffic from it.


5 Best Content Duplicate Checker Tool

  1. CopyScape
  2. Siteliner
  3. Duplichecker
  4. Plagiarism Detector
  5. SmallSEOTools (Plagiarism Checker)


3) Focus on Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most valuable things that help in improving the ranking on the search engine result page. Good content without the proper keywords will not work ever. To get a better rank, you have to work on preparing content filled with the proper amount and type of keywords that match user search intent.

So before starting writing the content, you have to go for great keyword research to make your content relevant to the user. If you will succeed in writing this type of content, then Google will appreciate your content and award you a good ranking.

There are lots of free as well as paid tools are available for keyword research that you can use. There are many other ways to find keywords, for that you have to go very deeper into keyword research.


Top 6 Best Keyword Research Tool

  1. SEMrush
  2. KWFinder
  3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. GrowthBar
  6. Majestic


4) Check Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed is one of the most important things that you have to work on. It is analyzed that 40% of users don’t wait on a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, it’s a game of two or three seconds and when you cross this, it would be not good as it will skyrocket the bounce rate.

You can use tools to analyze where the problem is and make it fix by seeing suggestions after scanning the website.

Google page speed Insights would be a great option to check the loading speed and it also helps you in fixing it by showing the suggestions.


Best Website Performance and Speed Testing Tools



5) Use Long Tail Keywords in Blogs

Long tail keywords are two or three words long and very specific as they are great in focusing on a niche. Long-tail keywords have less competition as a result it is easy to rank as compared to the short ones. Focusing on long-tail keywords can bring a good amount of better quality traffic.

The conversion rate of long-tail keywords is higher as the people who search with long-tail keyword know exactly that they want.

Example- When a person searches for “Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi”, the user is ready to purchase the product immediately.


6) Image Optimization

Optimizing images is also a great way to improve the SEO of your website. Optimizing images affects the page load speed and you know very well how much important it is. If the images on your website are not optimized properly, it will slow down the loading speed as a result many of the users will turn back and visit any other website.


Best Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression

  • JPEG Optimizer
  • Optimizilla
  • ImageRecycle
  • CompressNow
  • TinyPNG

The first thing you can do to optimize the images is compressing them. Normal image sizes are very large it makes the website heavy that’s why load speed increases.

Use alt tags in images and that should be short & descriptive text. Alt tags are important because Google can’t read images without the alt tags.

For example, if you are uploading a picture of an apple write “a red shiny apple” which shows the relevancy of your picture to the website content and help in improve the ranking.


7) Choose Unique Titles and Meta Description

Keep in mind, your first impression is your last impression.

Keep your titles more catchy and unique, whenever someone visits your blog, they should get attached to it. Use lines that attract users and that make them feel connected to the information.

Make your title tags compelling so that users get attracted to them and click on them. For better results, you can use numbers in titles for example-

7 Quick SEO hacks to Boost Your SEO Ranking in 2021

10 ways to Boost Your Ranking in 2021

Don’t miss the rule, your title tag should be under 60 characters and your keyword must be there.

For Meta descriptions, try to provide the most important line of the blog that connects to your title tag. The limit of Meta description is 160 characters and again don’t miss the keyword.


Skyrocket your SEO with SAM Web Studio

Now when you know the advanced SEO strategies described in a simple way you can set work on and give your online business a hike. But if you are still confused about where to start and which direction would be a good option to move then, SAM Web Studio, the leading digital marketing company in Delhi is here to help you.

We offer professional SEO services to strategize for businesses for more than 10+ years. If you are looking for the best SEO agency in India, we are open to working with you to drive more results than ever before. Contact us at +91 9968353570 and talk to our highly skilled SEO experts that will help you in achieving your targets.

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