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Article Marketing And Why Is It So Popular

Feb 17, 2018   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

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Many article directories have destroyed and a few have lost their ranks in many search engines after the Google Penguin / Panda updates. However, a number of the article directories like Acme articles has done extraordinarily well in Article Marketing or Promoting and still doing well. During this article, we have explained article marketing and its useful techniques that may be enforced on content promoting techniques further.

Why Article Marketing Is It So Popular

Article marketing techniques have been used by professionals for nearly as long as mass print has been available. In simple words, it is the art of marketing through the use of articles which involves the writing of articles that readers will find interesting and appealing enough to want to know more about.  The article can be based anything that explains or describes a certain product(s) or service(s) to the readers. The process of writing articles for online publishing, and using these articles to market or advertise the websites or web pages online to attract traffic (visitors) is Article marketing.

Articles are a very impressive & inexpensive tool for online promotion. Even a newbie user with good writing skills can work on this with a little knowledge of the technical aspects. A well written and presented article adds value to your service and product offering and invites visitors on your website. Thus, it can be used to promote your products and services by writing relevant content. Quality articles support the website in getting listed in the search engine result page, which brings in more visitors and thus adds to the business value.

Article marketing incorporates writing cautiously and concisely for a target audience on the Internet.  The author should take care of few points before writing an article. The author should specially take care of the unique title, quality, and fresh content. A well-written article will attract the reader's attention; you should also have a well-designed bio or 'author's resource box' to attract the click to your website. The article should be more descriptive rather than promoting.  Descriptive articles get more attention than the articles written for the promotion.  If the article especially for creating a link, please be careful with it. Don’t try to create more than 2-3 links in the article.

Article marketing is so easy; therefore most of the people opt for this technique. All you have to write some fresh and quality articles search some good article directories and post them.  Usually, it takes 2-3 days to get accepted.  Keep in mind that, copied articles are rejected and all the hard work goes in vain. Some of the articles really touch the visitors and go viral on the web.  Even a noob user can easily do article marketing without any difficulty.

Article marketing can be really beneficial to the authors or publishers. Distributing your articles to online publishers (article submission sites) can bring thousands of visitors to your website right away.  Quality Link building is also possible with the help of article marketing. Affiliate marketing is another field where article marketing plays a vital role.  It helps to increase your trustworthiness and credibility. High traffic conversion rate to the website/web pages is possible with the help of article marketing.

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