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How to Increase B2B Sales with LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

May 7, 2020   Manish Bharadwaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

How to Increase B2B Sales with LinkedIn Marketing in 2020

B2B marketing is an advanced tool of marketing in the modern era. You can sky-rocket your sales by smartly using the platforms which feature the B2B marketing tool. You can target your services or products to an enormous audience by learning the basic knowledge of the whole process, its features, and techniques.

Here we will help you to achieve that required insight of this whole process by introducing some advanced tips and tricks on how to boost your B2B sales with LinkedIn marketing, so you can gain those sales figures you always dreamt of for your business. Also, you can gain insight into important know-how of this digital marketing process.

LinkedIn marketing, is the most popular and effective platform around the world offering a vast base of an audience consisting both of consumers and business organizations.


Why choose Linkedin marketing?


  • Because of its global recognition, this digital marketing platform has millions of users who are spread across the world which means you get a large base of an audience ready for whatever product or service you seek to offer.
  • Each user has its own profile on the platform which enables you to classify the audience on the basis of their profiles to target the ones matching with your interest or specification.
  • Linkedin will help you find the perfect leads that you require to generate quality traffic on your website in order to build brand awareness. You can also establish business partnerships and find out better groups for business promotion.

Further, we will see the work ethic of this platform as per the norms of the application and how you can use this devised tool to establish a strong business or brand amongst a greater audience and to gain your desired result you wish for your business.

We will begin with the most initial and basic stuff and move along to the advance level of the LinkedIn marketing process, so let's dive straight into the topic.


Decide and Work on your Target Segment



Start by defining your market segment based on the type of service you mean to offer. This is the first step and also the most crucial one as any error in selecting the target market segment will result in complete failure of your marketing strategy.

Once you finalize your target segment, start working on it by identifying all the challenges and needs of that particular market, which will help you to gain quality in services you will render.


Creating an attractive profile


Your profile will act as a face of your business because it is the first thing that people will see and that is what will create the interest of a person towards your business, so it is advised to create an idol profile which is equally attractive as well as informative so that the user can get a clear understanding of what kind of services your business provides.

Remember that your profile should not be over-descriptive, it should be short and specific to the point.


Devising Work Strategy and Content Plan


Once you have created the required profile start exploring your market segment and offer content to the audience, this can be done by:

  • Understanding the type of content audience prefer or are interested in, so you can have a clear idea of the content you will have to offer.
  • Focus on specific demands that customer base actually needs and make a note of the challenges they face, so you can give them the exactly desired service they seek from the market.
  • Offer content in a specific routine, don't post too much in continuity, maintain a content calendar and avoid posting useless information. Content should address all the challenges or questions which the audience might have related to a topic.


Optimize your Linkedin Profile


Optimizing your profile means to add more credibility to it. An optimized LinkedIn profile should be like :

  • Have professional pictures on your profile so people know you're genuine and real.
  • Your description should state the exact nature of services or products you tend to offer.
  • Fill in your previous experiences in the background, like your past job experiences, achievements, employers or companies you have worked with or worked for.
  • Your profile should have a complete guide route to guide the visitor on what he/she has to do while visiting your profile or how they can get in touch with you if they are interested in stuff you're offering.

All these smart tricks bring out the effective result and keep your profile hot amongst the users, which ensure immense user contacts on your profile, helps in lead generation, give access to more market groups within the platform itself and boosts visitor traffic on your dedicated website or webpage.

Now let us see some more advance level of actions that you can perform using our LinkedIn marketing guide to expand your b2b network. It starts off by:


Creating a Company Page


With a company page, you can engage more audience to your profile. Keep the page updated always and post your field content regularly to keep users interested in your profile. This also helps in lead generation within your company page. You can also convert your company page into a lead generation page by:

  • Using media like photos and videos to create interest and gain maximum attention.
  • Pitch your sales in a compelling way which creates a sense of need in the visitor's mind for your company.
  • Be conversion-focused and keep the audience engaged to your feed which will direct them to your company page, also post blogs and informative articles related to your company.


Operating the Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigatoris the perfect feature to discover the right leads and contacts. It closely studies your pattern of content and classifies it to give you out the pattern of your company's working through which you can have an understanding of leads you will need which makes it easier to find them.


Using Advanced Search for Lead Generation


Lead generation is not only about engaging the audience to you but also vice-versa when you have to search for the target audience you need to promote your services. The advanced search feature helps you to narrow down your search by applying filters like location, current company, industry, past company, school, profile language, and nonprofit interest.

This facilitates identifying the exact lead you want and eliminates useless leads that might not be the right type of audience for your services or products. 


Establish private connections with interested leads

It is highly advised to keep in touch with the audience who are interested in you, be it business groups or individuals. Start talking with your connections, ask them for suggestions, help them with the challenges they face, maintain a professional conversation with them.

This adds more value to your profile and helps you to gain recommendations among the platform. Always remember that you will grow with the help of those with whom you're connected, so give importance to your connections as well instead of searching for new leads.


Sponsor your Content


If a particular post of yours gains high visitor activity whether it be viewed, likes or comments you can sponsor that content via Sponsored Content on Linkedin. This will work as an advertising strategy for promoting your content throughout the platform.

When you sponsor certain published content of yours, it will be shown on the platform as ads or pop-ups which will attract new connections to your page and will help in lead formation as well.

These are some major techniques available for a B2B marketing platform to boost your lead generation and to connect with business groups across all types of digital marketing company in India


B2B marketing using social media but how effective is this social media approach?

People use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to generate leads and to promote their B2B model and to speak facts it works but only to a certain extent. The reason for that limitation is that social media is not solely driven towards Online Marketing, a large part of it is more focused on entertainment and popularity.

This drive towards other aspects results in inactive leads which ultimately are a waste of your time and resources whereas Linkedin is a dedicated platform for digital marketing, in fact, it is responsible for generating 97% of social media leads which is undoubtedly a massive share.

Moreover, Linkedin offers many effective tools that are specifically designed to boost your B2B marketing process. Tools like Linkedin Ads, Sponsored Content, Campaign Manager, Lead Builder, etc. are some of the features which no other social media platform would offer you and these tools are what give an edge to it against all other social platforms.

Therefore it is right to conclude that Linkedin is the most precise platform for B2B marketing and with the above-mentioned strategies you can expand your business model over a decent span of time and can explore unseen opportunities along the way.

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