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Simple SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings

Jan 22, 2021   Gourav Bajaj   DIGITAL MARKETING

Simple SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings

We all know what an online business is but can you tell me how to make it successful? SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to make a website that ranks on the first few results of the search engine result page. For a good amount of traffic, you should have to be in the top 10 results.

If you want to do it with your hands then these simple SEO hacks to skyrocket your Google rankings will help you. But if you are not an SEO guy and want to complete it through SEO experts then you can contact us at +91 9968353570 and talk to our professionals for the best SEO package for your online business and according to your budget.

To boost your position on the search engine result page, you can use SEO tactics and can get amazing numbers for a longer period as it is not the PPC (Pay Per Click) that works only according to your budget. The more you will give time to improve your website SEO the more you will get the traffic for a longer period. You cannot do all the things as it’s not as simple that you can do it all in one go. But there are some simple hacks that can help you in getting good results for your online business.

Without wasting time let’s see how you can drive some good results for your online business with search engine optimization. Read on to learn more about SEO and online marketing and then you can go for the expert’s advice on your online business by just contacting our professional team.

Simple SEO hacks to get a good Google ranking

1)        Give preference to target long tail keyword

Search engine optimization is all about targeting keywords. Keyword research is very important to have a good ranking for any Google search. While writing content, you have to add those keywords that people use to get information on the search engine. Choosing the right keyword will allow you to drive more and more traffic to your website.

Targeting long-tail keywords instead of just a single keyword would give you better results as they have a specific intent. You can find these long-tail keywords for online marketing by plugging shirt keywords in keyword research tools.

2)        Update content timely

It’s not false when we say “content is king” because the content is easy but one of the most important things that you can do while optimizing your website. Adding unique and evergreen content will help you in getting traffic forever. It means when you are writing content for your website, keep in mind that write content that remains relevant for several years. Avoid writing any brief, trending things that will be outdated after some time.

Adding content will always drive lots and lots of traffic but you can do one more thing and that is updating your old content with the new information or keywords.

3)        Focus on writing for the user

Only adding content that has keywords will not work for a longer time if you didn’t write according to the user. Try to write that solve user’s problem, when someone comes to your website he or she will get the proper information. This will help you in getting connected with your user.

If you are going to write content on a topic such as a website designing & development or lead generation, research what people want to know about it and your content should make their search stop. Write to fulfill user’s requirement not to get ranking because only adding keywords into a content that is not written according to user intent would not give you a ranking.

4)        Image optimization

Content on your website is not the only thing you need to optimize that will get you more traffic but you also need to optimize the images.

The first thing that you can do to optimize your images according to SEO is compressing them. Heavy or too large images will slow down the page loading speed as a result users will go back rather than waiting and your competitors are waiting for that chance. If this will happen, Google reads and get to know that your website is not relevant and your ranking will decrease.

Using “old tags” can also help you in optimizing the images. Alt tags should be short, descriptive, and describing your images. Adding relevant alt tags will help you in getting a great ranking for a longer period.

5)        High quality backlinks

Getting backlinks is one of the most effective SEO hacks that you can use to get Google's top ranking. According to Google, link building is the most effective and important ranking factor. When other websites link to your content is called backlinks.

Aiming at earning some high- quality backlinks for your content will help you in getting your place in top Google rankings.

To get the backlinks, you can talk to the third party website officially in your industry. You can also find out the broken links in their content and suggest them to replace them with yours.

6)        Make your titles unique

Titles are the main thing that attracts people when your name is waving between the search results. A unique and attractive title will get you lots of traffic. While choosing a title tag, make it compelling in order to make users more likely to click on it. Adding numbers in your title will work great here. Keep in mind that don’t cross the words limit of the title tag while making it, the limit of the title tag should be under 60 characteristics.

Improve your SEO with the help of Sam Web Studio

Now, when you get these simple hacks, you can try them out to giving a boost to your website. If you want to get more into search engine optimization then you can contact us.

Sam Web Studio, the leading SEO Company in Delhi, India is providing professional services to businesses all across the world. We also offer website designing services such as responsive website design, ecommerce website design, etc, Website Development, Digital Marketing, graphic designing, and more. If you want to get start your online business, just give a call us at +91 9968353570 and talk to our professionals.

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